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16 May, Thursday
456 Ukrainian athletes and coaches killed in full-scale war
Occupiers turn off mobile communications in Luhansk Region and installing payphones – Regional Military Administration
China's car rental industry. Photo by Xinhua.
Car rental services boosted as tourism market heats up
АFU destroy 1,520 occupiers, 19 tanks and 30 armored vehicles. General Staff reports losses of russians per day
During his visit to Ukraine, Blinken was shown how Ukrainian drones are made
Power supply restrictions may last until August - Ukrenergo supervisory board member Boiko
Naftogaz ex-head Kobolev travels abroad to prepare his stepson for college exams in Great Britain during war
Zelenskyy holds meeting of Staff in Kharkiv regarding situation at front
Ukrainian military improve their positions and push back enemy north of Kyslivka in Kharkiv Region
Occupiers withdraw all warships from Black Sea
Yasno tells about situation with electricity supply in Kyiv and Dnipro
Card dollar sell rate 39.9938 UAH/USD, buy rate 39.3534 UAH/USD on Thursday
Cash dollar sell rate 39.9880 UAH/USD, buy rate 39.4404 UAH/USD on Thursday
Hourly power outage schedules in effect in all regions on Thursday
Enemy's plans to wedge into Vovchansk and gain foothold there thwarted - AFU General Staff
Ukraine receiving emergency aid from EU energy systems for 9th day in row
RF troops intensify their assaults in south of Ukraine
Crimea’s Belbek airfield; 2 MiG fighters destroyed
Putin arrives in China; Chinese children forced to jump in front of the russian dictator
United States preparing new aid package for Ukraine
Explosions ring out in Crimea; partisans report destruction of an artillery depot in Crimea
A worker in a warehouse of a leading motorcycle wheel hub manufacturing enterprise in Dianjiang County of Chongqing, southwest China. Photo by Xinhua/Liu Chan.
China's warehouse storage sector logs robust rebound in March
UMCC. Фото:
Questions Arise Over UMCC's Reported Profit of 30 Million UAH in Q1 2024 – media
A driver uses a 600-kilowatt charger to recharge his new energy vehicle (NEV) at the supercharging station of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center in Shenzhen, south China's Guangdong Province. Photo by Xinhua/Mao Siqian.
China's Shenzhen home to more superchargers than petrol stations
Chinese satellite detects over 100 solar white-light flares. Photo by Xinhua.
Chinese satellite detects over 100 solar white-light flares
15 May, Wednesday
A dinosaur tracksite discovered in Lincheng Town, Longyan City, southeast China's Fujian Province. Photo by Xinhua.
World's largest deinonychosaur tracks discovered in China's Fujian
Trump and Biden agree to debate June 27- CNN
National Guardsmen destroy assault group of russians in an hour
AFU General Staff tells what is happening in area of Vovchansk
Defense forces of Ukraine manage to partially stabilize situation at the front - Zelenskyy
"It would be naive to say that Ukraine can recapture occupied territories in foreseeable future" - Czech President on end of war
Czech President urges to stop war in Ukraine and seek compromise with russia
Georgian President Zourabichvili confirms participation in Peace Summit
Zelenskyy calls attack on Fico terrible and condemns it
Russian attempts to break through defense in Kharkiv Region stopped - Khortytsia Operational and Strategic Troops Group
Russia announces that it had repelled massive missile attack on Sevastopol. There is fire near Belbek airfield
There is no talk of evacuation from Kharkiv, on the contrary, city accepts people from districts where hostilities are taking place - mayor
Pipe enterprises increase production by 13% to 142,500 tons in Q1
Pro-Russian Prime Minister Fico shot in Slovakia. He is taken to hospital
There are killed after russian attack on infrastructure in Dnipro - Administration
Card dollar sell rate 40.0355 UAH/USD, buy rate 39.4235 UAH/USD on Wednesday
Cash dollar sell rate 40.0504 UAH/USD, buy rate 39.5008 UAH/USD on Wednesday
Russian units suffer heavy losses in Kharkiv axis - ATESH
Negative balance of foreign trade in goods worsens by USD 557.9 million to USD 5,914.3 million in 3M
Pentagon comments on situation on battlefield in Ukraine
Energy Company of Ukraine resuming targeted import of electricity for industrial consumers
NBU ups official hryvnia rate by 10.28 kopecks to 39.5771 UAH/USD
China's foreign exchange reserves. Photo by Xinhua.
China's foreign exchange reserves fall to 3.2 trillion USD in April
ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih increases steel production by 90% to 163,000 in April
Cabinet proposes to allow redeployment of military units without approval of government and President
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Ukrenergo publishes schedule of outages for tomorrow. When lights will be turned off 20:30
Ombudsman names number of Ukrainians missing since beginning of war 20:04
Ukrainian military destroy occupiers’ "tank-shed" in Luhansk Region. Video published 20:03
Administrative service centers will not send men liable for military service to territorial recruitment centers and military medical commission 19:46
Germany does not doubt Zelenskyy's legitimacy - Baerbock 19:41
Electronic queue already working in all territorial recruitment centers in test mode - Defense Ministry 19:15
Romania preparing new military assistance to Ukraine - Zelenskyy 18:51
Female medics will not be hired without military ticket and registration at territorial recruitment center 18:02
AFU General Staff confirms defeat in Sevastopol of russian missile ship Tsyklon 17:45
Ukrainians from abroad should return to update data in territorial recruitment centers - media 17:23
More than 1 million Ukrainians already logged in to Reserve+ application, 700,000 updated data, abroad most in Poland - Defense Ministry 17:09
Stefanchuk assures that he would vote to ban UOC MP 17:02
MP from Servant of the People Hryvko, who wanted to introduce tax on childlessness, has no children himself 16:55
Center for Countering Disinformation refutes russian narratives about usurpation of power by Zelenskyy 16:51
10 Ukrainian servicemen complete F-16 maintenance training in Netherlands 16:38
NBU lowers official hryvnia rate by 14.02 kopecks to 39.8052 UAH/USD 16:36
Russian occupiers in civilian cars moving to Luhansk Region - Khortytsia OSTG 16:29
Vinnytsia Roshen Dairy to pay UAH 123 million in dividends for 2023 16:24
Russians launch missile attack on production infrastructure of Konotop in Sumy Region 16:11
Fire in Mariupol. Partisans set fire to warehouse of collaborators 16:05
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Tsyklon ship sinks after 3 ATACMS missiles hit wharf it stood next to - media 14:49
Ukraine destroys Kalibr carrier Tsyklon in Crimea – social networks 09:27
Ukrenergo explains when power outages will be canceled 09:15
AFU General Staff confirms defeat in Sevastopol of russian missile ship Tsyklon 17:45
War in Ukraine will end with negotiations - NSDC Secretary 16:53
Death of Iranian President will have serious consequences. ISW gives reasons 17:40
After decrease a week earlier, LPG prices remained stable 14:48
Russia transfer third of combat-ready bombers to Olenya airfield - media 15:14
AFU destroy 1,400 occupiers, 14 tanks and 1 ship. General Staff reports losses of russians per day 15:36
Tsyklon ship last carrier of Kalibr missiles in occupied Crimea - Pletenchuk 14:41
Russian army advance in areas of 10 settlements - DeepState 17:26
Ukrainians from abroad should return to update data in territorial recruitment centers - media 17:23
Next weeks and months will be decisive for Ukraine - US Department of Defense 18:28
Syniehubov announces stabilization of front in north of Kharkiv Region 17:15
In Germany, 15-year-old Ukrainian stabbed because of conversation with girls 13:39
Energy Commission raises electricity price caps for business 17:39
Spain announces delivery of new batch of Leopard tanks to Ukraine at end of June 20:15
Ukrenergo warns of blackout in Ukraine on Tuesday 20:06
AFU destroy 1,380 occupiers, 15 tanks and 34 armored vehicles. General Staff reports losses of russians a day 13:56
Fire in Mariupol. Partisans set fire to warehouse of collaborators 16:05
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