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New president of Iran says he desires "peace for people of Russia and Ukraine" 20:32
More than 115,000 people without electricity in russian Buryatia due to accident at power plant 20:07
Russia may close border in fall so that potential conscripts do not escape - British intelligence 19:43
Stefanchuk: I remain skeptical about idea of ​​economic booking 19:16
"NABU's results are almost zero," - lawyer 19:09
MP Hetmantsev predicts introduction of excise tax on sweet drinks 18:53
Stefanchuk considers Cabinet’s resignation without violating law impossible 18:23
Latvia and Germany agree to jointly purchase drones for Ukraine 17:56
Emergency shutdown of reactor occurred at russian NPP. Power outages started in Crimea and southern regions 17:56
India summons Ambassador of Ukraine because of Zelenskyy's words regarding Prime Minister Modi - media 17:43
Zelenskyy at Staff meeting discussed equipping of brigades for rotation in most difficult areas 17:39
Card dollar sell rate 41.4012 UAH/USD, buy rate 40.8210 UAH/USD on Tuesday 17:19
"Offensive countermeasures": European Parliament calls for countermeasures against russian threat to Europe 17:17
Cash dollar sell rate 41.4392 UAH/USD, buy rate 40.7833 UAH/USD on Tuesday 17:12
Rada exempts import of goods for production and repair of mechanized demining machines from VAT and customs duties 16:50
MP Bezuhla included in Myrotvorets base "for deliberately discrediting, demoralizing and obstructing AFU" 16:46
NBU lowers official hryvnia exchange rate by 24.68 kopecks to 41.2575 UAH/USD 16:31
Shmyhal will negotiate on supply of ammunition and energy in Czech Republic on Tuesday 16:28
Foreign Ministry reacts to beating of Ukrainian in Kraków 16:16
China's Bohai Oilfield completes drilling of 6,088-meter well 15:58
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Orbán sends proposals on ending war in Ukraine to all EU leaders 17:46
AFU reserve has 14 brigades, but they are not fighting yet due to insufficient weapons — Zelenskyy 17:31
Russia announces "massive drone attack" on Sevastopol 10:50
Emergency shutdown of reactor occurred at russian NPP. Power outages started in Crimea and southern regions 17:56
Russian troops combat losses exceed 560,000. 1,200 invaders and 8 tanks destroyed over last day 17:02
Desertion in AFU. In half a year, twice as many soldiers escaped from front than in the whole of 2023 12:51
Spain transfering 10 Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine 17:11
NBU reduces net interbank currency sales by 16% to USD 532 million on July 8-12 10:43
The NBU published the Top 10 currency exchange companies in terms of assets amount 08:22
Ukraine producing powerful number of Bohdana self-propelled guns per month - Zelenskyy 18:53
Last russian patrol ship leaves occupied Crimea - Navy 12:24
Ukraine ups grain exports by 67.7% to 1.5 million tons since 2024/2025MY start 16:45
4 soldiers escaped from training and tried to cross border with Moldova on foot, one was killed by border guards – SBI 19:44
France going to transfer Mirage 2000-5 fighters to Ukraine in record time 14:20
2024 state budget will lack UAH 400-500 billion – Rada budget committee head Pidlasa 18:42
Russia keeps 3 ships on combat duty in Sea of ​​Azov, there are no enemy ships in Black Sea - Navy 12:35
Russia not interested in negotiations with Ukraine on basis of international law. ISW gives reasons 14:38
Russia raises gas prices for population due to loss of EU market - British intelligence 16:18
Trump names vice presidential candidate, a hater of Ukraine 09:49
Zelenskyy comments on Budanov's words about offensive from north 18:02
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