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Editorial staff

  • Dmytro Kuzmin
    Dmytro Kuzmin
    Editor in Chief
  • Mykhailo Shylin
    Mykhailo Shylin
    Editorial Director
  • Valentyna Kurnosenko
    Valentyna Kurnosenko
    Chief of Agency Website
  • Mykhailo Shylin
    Mykhailo Shylin
    Chief of Correspondent Network
  • Liudmyla Martynova
    Liudmyla Martynova
    Chief of Politics News Section
  • Oleksandr Usachov
    Oleksandr Usachov
    Chief of Economy News Section
  • Serhii Zholobetskyi
    Serhii Zholobetskyi
    Chief of Finance News Section
  • Violetta Sulak
    Violetta Sulak
    Head of Marketing and Sales Department
  • Volodymyr Sulak
    Volodymyr Sulak
    Deputy Director for Development
  • Oleksandr Khorolskyi
    Oleksandr Khorolskyi
    Deputy Director
  • Denys Ivanesko
    Denys Ivanesko
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