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Stage collapsed during pre-election rally in Mexico, killing at least 9 people
22 May, Wednesday
Russian army struck energy facilities of Shostka and Konotop. Power outages reported
21 May, Tuesday
Ukrainian military destroy occupiers’ "tank-shed" in Luhansk Region. Video published
Large-scale fire breaks out in center of occupied Mariupol, occupiers keeping quiet about cause
In Germany, 15-year-old Ukrainian stabbed because of conversation with girls
20 May, Monday
Strike on recreation center near Kharkiv. Divers find body of another killed
19 May, Sunday
Strike on recreation center near Kharkiv. Death toll rises to 6, at least 27 wounded
Russian army hit Kharkiv downtown. One missile hit cemetery, second - football field
Regional Administration shows consequences of russian attack on place of rest near Kharkiv: 16 wounded and 5 killed
Russian sea minesweeper Kovrovets destroyed in Crimea
Another victory. Berinchyk becomes the lightweight world champion
Usyk was forced to go to hospital after victory over Fury
15 May, Wednesday
Russia announces that it had repelled massive missile attack on Sevastopol. There is fire near Belbek airfield
Pro-Russian Prime Minister Fico shot in Slovakia. He is taken to hospital
Infantry groups of occupiers enter Vovchansk - Defense Ministry
14 May, Tuesday
Drone hit fuel tank in russia. Train derailed
13 May, Monday
AFU downed russian Su-25 aircraft in Donetsk Region
Ukrainian military downed russian Ka-52 helicopter worth USD 16 million
They were preparing series of terrorist attacks in Kyiv on May 9. SSU detains intelligence-combat group of russian GRU
In Lipetsk Oblast, they announced drone attack and fire at substation due to debris
10 May, Friday
Russians try to break through AFU defense line in Kharkiv Region this morning, attacks repelled, defense reinforced by reserve units - Defense Ministry
Mass evacuation is held in Vovchansk community of Kharkiv Region - City Military Administration
Russians hit aerial bomb near infrastructure facility in Derhachi, Kharkiv Region
Border Service calculates how many evaders died in Tysa River since beginning of war
High-ranking official of Odesa DTEK leaks information to enemy about results of shelling of Ukraine's energy infrastructure
Drones attack refinery in Kaluga Oblast of russia. Fire reported
08 May, Wednesday
Employee of State Security Department faces life imprisonment for murder of teenager on funicular - SBI
Death of mobilized man in Kryvyi Rih. Prosecutor's office tells about possible abuse of authority
07 May, Tuesday
Death of mobilized man confirmed in Kryvyi Rih territorial recruitment and social support center
Ship going from Ukraine to Egypt runs aground in Bosphorus
06 May, Monday
For the first time, russians launched modified FAB in Kharkiv Region: entire street destroyed with one blow
03 May, Friday
AFU hit occupiers in Luhansk Region with ATACMS. Over 100 russian soldiers killed
02 May, Thursday
Number of wounded in Derhachi near Kharkiv ups to 7, including 6 children
Russian attack on Nova Poshta facilities in Odesa: 904 shipments worth UAH 3 million destroyed
30 April, Tuesday
Russians hit civilian infrastructure of Kharkiv. One killed and seven wounded reported
28 April, Sunday
2 Ukrainian citizens stabbed in Germany, suspect in crime is russian
In russia, they claim fall of three UAVs near oil depot in Kaluga Oblast
Air defense forces destroy four Shaheds and one UAV of unknown type at night
Russians attack Mykolaiv with Shaheds: infrastructure and hotel damaged
27 April, Saturday
Shelling of Ukraine: enemy attacked 129 settlements over day
Wagner mercenary, who returned from war in Ukraine, dismembered woman in Leningrad Oblast of russia
Drones attacked russia: two refineries, bitumen plant and military airfield in Kuban were on fire
26 April, Friday
Russian Ka-32 helicopter burned at airfield in Moscow - Defense Intelligence
Today, Ukrzaliznytsia becomes the object of massive russian attacks. 3 railway workers killed
25 April, Thursday
Russians attacks Cherkasy Region. 6 wounded reported, infrastructure facility damaged
24 April, Wednesday
At night, explosions rang out in Mariupol district: russian officers’ base hit, killed and wounded reported
SSU drones struck refinery in Smolensk Oblast of russia - sources
Russians targeted disabled equipment in Odesa, servicemen not injured - South Defense Forces
22 April, Monday
Russians hit object of TV infrastructure in Kharkiv, there are interruptions with digital TV signal
Machine-building plant was burning in Voronezh
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Ukraine and Greece to sign security agreement in near future 18:04
Occupiers forbid "policemen" to wear uniforms due to fear of underground at temporary occupied territories - National Resistance Center 18:01
Stage collapsed during pre-election rally in Mexico, killing at least 9 people 17:45
British intelligence analyzes impact of Defense Forces defeating russian Tsiklon missile carrier 17:45
NBU lowers official hryvnia rate by 9.55 kopecks to 39.9205 UAH/USD 17:32
Zaporizhzhia NPP under threat of another blackout - Energoatom 17:30
Russia preparing new IPSO against Ukraine using Patriot - Defense Intelligence 17:10
Defense Intelligence considers appointment of Belousov as russian defense minister acknowledgment of problems in russian defense industry 17:03
Defense Intelligence knows where putin's bunkers are - Defense Intelligence representative Yusov 16:56
Rada ready to consider increase in taxes if necessary to maintain economy - Stefanchuk 16:54
Budanov regularly takes personal part in Defense Intelligence special operations, in particular, he was with special forces that met russian offensive in Kharkiv Region - Yusov 16:49
Hetmantsev predicts increase in VAT, military tax and excise taxes 16:44
Card dollar sell rate 40.0443 UAH/USD, buy rate 39.5714 UAH/USD on Thursday 16:34
Stefanchuk says whether he will support idea of economic booking 16:30
Cash dollar sell rate 40.1335 UAH/USD, buy rate 39.6150 UAH/USD on Thursday 16:29
SPFU to put UMCC for sale with starting price of almost UAH 4 billion 16:10
China to establish coal capacity reserve system by 2027 15:58
Rada adopts bill on single roaming zone with EU 15:44
EBA asks authorities to allow businesses to independently identify specialists critical to their functioning 15:36
MPs will allow National Guard to run dogs to detain violators 15:30
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Ukrainian military destroy occupiers’ "tank-shed" in Luhansk Region. Video published 20:03
Poland thinking about shooting down russian missiles near its borders - media 22:53
Russian occupiers advancing towards Chasiv Yar. DeepState publishes maps 12:49
Romanian President sets condition for providing Patriot to Ukraine 23:09
AFU explain impact on russia of Tsiklon missile carrier destruction in Crimea 23:33
Russia stockpiles 10,000 S-300 missiles for strikes against Ukraine – Zelenskyy 09:48
Russia loses 1,300 soldiers, 6 tanks, 22 armored vehicles, and 41 artillery systems on May 21 13:42
China starts or is preparing to start supplying russia with lethal weapons - British Defense Minister 17:29
Now territorial defense forces are suitcase without handle - Kraken special unit founder 11:52
Pentagon answers whether Ukraine can hit russia with American weapons 12:18
Work on security guarantees from US "nearing completion" - President's Office 22:37
AFU downs another russian Su-25 attack aircraft 08:45
Russia withdraws its missile carriers from Black Sea 12:41
ISW names purpose of nuclear exercises in russia 17:59
AFU declare reduction in shortage of shells at front 18:11
Blinken speaks in favor of allowing Ukraine to hit targets in RF with American weapons 10:16
Administrative service centers will not send men liable for military service to territorial recruitment centers and military medical commission 19:46
Satellite images of "Academy of Internal Affairs Ministry" in Luhansk, where AFU launched missile strike, appeared 12:31
F-16 maintenance specialists returning to Ukraine 16:04
Chinese scientists establish bilingual air quality research data sharing platform 05:28
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