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09 July, Tuesday
Yesterday's enemy attack death toll in Kyiv reach 27, number of wounded – 117 – Kyiv City Military Administration
Germany and Poland ready to accept children from Okhmatdyt for treatment
Yesterday's enemy missile attack takes lives of 38 people, wounds 190 – Zelenskyy
Stoltenberg reacts to russian missile attack on Ukraine
Children from Okhmatdyt evacuated due to a lack of water and electricity
United States will not lift ban on strikes deep into russian territory with American weapons even after enemy missile attack on Okhmatdyt
China completes propulsion system test for manned lunar mission launch vehicle. Photo by Xinhua.
China completes propulsion system test for manned lunar mission launch vehicle
Chinese experts establish platform to identify, utilize superior genes in wild rice. Photo by Xinhua.
Chinese experts establish platform to identify, utilize superior genes in wild rice
Wang Guirong observing insects at the Agricultural Genomics Institute at Shenzhen under the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) in Shenzhen, south China's Guangdong Province. Photo by CAAS/Xinhua.
Chinese scientists reveal insect olfactory mechanism to help develop green pesticides
08 July, Monday
A research team from China has employed gene editing technology to improve wheat resistance to stripe rust. Photo by Xinhua.
Chinese researchers use gene editing to combat wheat "cancer"
Italy calls attack on Okhmatdyt in Kyiv war crime
Denys Popovych: Okhmatdyt was struck by russian missile specially programmed for this
Russia spent more than USD 200 million on massive shelling of Ukraine on July 8 – Forbes
Defense Intelligence names russian targets to be destroyed
Cabinet suggests Rada withdraw from CIS agreement on transit of goods
NACB conducts searches at Customs Service acting head Zviahintsev
Zelenskyy on Orbán’s "peace mission": only serious and strong allies can be mediators
Action plan to restore Ukraine's energy security within Peace Formula should be prepared by autumn – Zelenskyy
Ukraine signs security agreement with Poland. What does document provide
5 buildings of Okhmatdyt children’s hospital damaged, evacuation of patients continues - Health Ministry head
Russian Kh-101 missile that hit Okhmatdyt contains dozens of microelectronics components produced in NATO countries - Yermak
LPG prices stable for 4th week in a row
Ukraine convening UN Security Council meeting due to today's missile attack by russia
Ferrexpo ups pellets production by 76% to 3.3 million tons in H1, 2024
Diesel prices stable for 7th week in a row
Gasoline prices stable for 3rd week in a row
3 DTEK’s transformer substations in Kyiv completely destroyed or damaged by russian shelling
Card dollar sell rate 40.8820 UAH/USD, buy rate 40.3917 UAH/USD on Monday
Cash dollar sell rate 40.9722 UAH/USD, buy rate 40.3667 UAH/USD on Monday
Security agreement with Poland provides for training of "Ukrainian Legion" of Ukrainians abroad in Poland
NBU lowers official hryvnia exchange rate by 15.80 kopecks to 40.7000 UAH/USD
Almost the entire arsenal was used. Mass media name missiles that russia used during the July 8 attack
Air Force destroy 30 of 38 missiles launched by russia
SSU established that russia hit Okhmatdyt with Kh-101 missile
MHP shares quotations from July 1 to 5 remain at USD 3.60 per share after a 2-week decline
Ferrexpo shares continue to rise for 3rd week in a row and rose by 16.1% to GBP 0.520 per share from July 1 to 5
WIG-Ukraine rising for 7th week in a row, up 0.6% to 246.40 from June 28 to July 5
Russia keeping 1 missile carrier on combat duty in Black Sea, 3 ships in Sea of ​​Azov - Navy
US Ambassador Brink: by 75th anniversary of NATO, russia launched 40 missiles across Ukraine, so leaders will make significant security commitments
In Okhmatdyt children’s hospital, 16 wounded, including 7 children, from russian missile attack - Kyiv mayor
Burying of seabed cable. Photo by Xinhua.
Chinese-developed robot completes first burying of seabed cable
Russians attack Metinvest's Northern Mining and Processing Plant in Kryvyi Rih with missile: 10 killed and more than 30 injured
NACP admits that it has data on corruption of NACB detective Slonevskyi, but does not take any measures
Russian missile attack on Kyiv. 10 killed, 35 injured already known
Russia loses 1,200 soldiers, 16 tanks, 40 armored vehicles, and 29 artillery systems on July 7
"Unfortunately, there are victims." Strike on Okhmadyt fell on building where children received dialysis
In Okhmatdyt children’s hospital in Kyiv, people are under rubble, exact number of injured and killed is currently unknown - Zelenskyy
ISW predicts how Ukrainian military could thwart new russian offensives
Children's hospital Okhmatdyt in Kyiv damaged due to russian shelling - Kyiv City Military Administration
Zelenskyy will meet with Speaker Johnson during upcoming NATO summit
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Population deposits with banks up 2.2% to UAH 1,142.6 billion in June 15:04
Russia withdraws Kalibr missile carriers from Black and Azov Seas 14:49
Russia not interested in negotiations with Ukraine on basis of international law. ISW gives reasons 14:38
119 combat clashes take place at the front, most intense battles take place on Pokrovske and Kurakhove Axes - General Staff 14:24
France going to transfer Mirage 2000-5 fighters to Ukraine in record time 14:20
Biden calls Republican vice president "Trump clone" 14:04
Unknown people cut off finger of 17-year-old Ukrainian in Kraków 13:47
AFU destroy 1,110 invaders, 13 tanks and 44 artillery systems. General Staff names russia’s losses over day 13:41
Elon Musk ready to give USD 45 million to Trump's campaign every month - WSJ 13:29
"I'm on the horse." Biden says he is ready for another debate with Trump in September 13:17
Republicans officially nominate Trump as their candidate for US presidency 12:59
Court releases intelligence officer Chervinskyi from arrest on UAH 9 million bail 12:47
U.S. Department of State comments on Ukraine's idea of ​​russia's participation in 2nd peace summit 10:40
Russian Shaheds hit Kyiv Region; fire broke out due to falling debris 10:36
IMF specialists arrive in Kyiv to discuss tax-budget plans of Ukrainian authorities 10:33
CPC expels former Chinese defense minister Li Shangfu 09:58
Ukrnafta transfers UAH 748 million to state budget as dividends from activities of Ukrnaftoburinnia 09:56
Trump names vice presidential candidate, a hater of Ukraine 09:49
The NBU published the Top 10 currency exchange companies in terms of assets amount 08:22
China plans new deep space exploration missions 05:28
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Orbán sends proposals on ending war in Ukraine to all EU leaders 17:46
Russia announces "massive drone attack" on Sevastopol 10:50
AFU reserve has 14 brigades, but they are not fighting yet due to insufficient weapons — Zelenskyy 17:31
Russian troops combat losses exceed 560,000. 1,200 invaders and 8 tanks destroyed over last day 17:02
Desertion in AFU. In half a year, twice as many soldiers escaped from front than in the whole of 2023 12:51
Spain transfering 10 Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine 17:11
NBU reduces net interbank currency sales by 16% to USD 532 million on July 8-12 10:43
Ukraine producing powerful number of Bohdana self-propelled guns per month - Zelenskyy 18:53
Last russian patrol ship leaves occupied Crimea - Navy 12:24
The NBU published the Top 10 currency exchange companies in terms of assets amount 08:22
Ukraine ups grain exports by 67.7% to 1.5 million tons since 2024/2025MY start 16:45
Russia keeps 3 ships on combat duty in Sea of ​​Azov, there are no enemy ships in Black Sea - Navy 12:35
4 soldiers escaped from training and tried to cross border with Moldova on foot, one was killed by border guards – SBI 19:44
2024 state budget will lack UAH 400-500 billion – Rada budget committee head Pidlasa 18:42
Russia raises gas prices for population due to loss of EU market - British intelligence 16:18
Zelenskyy comments on Budanov's words about offensive from north 18:02
If Ukraine does not protect its gas storage facilities, its western neighbors will be left without gas - Zelenskyy 18:25
Zelenskyy about Syrskyi: he faced serious challenges 16:33
Zelenskyy on mobilization: everything going according to plan 17:11
MP Bezuhla recalled from national security committee’s subcommittee chair post 19:15
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