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Даша Зубкова

Ukrainians Will Be Evacuated From China After Resolution Of Organizational Issues – Honcharuk
Даша Зубкова 12 February, 17:4967
Yermak Not To Dismiss His Deputies After Replacing Bohdan On Post Of Presidential Office Head
Даша Зубкова 12 February, 12:5428
Ukraine Discusses No Water Supplies Resumption To Crimea With Russia In Exchange For Withdrawal Of Troops In Donbas – Yermak
Даша Зубкова 12 February, 12:5175
NACB Starts Investigating Alleged Violations By Board Chairperson Of PrivatBank Krumphanzl
Даша Зубкова 12 February, 12:4973
Cabinet Establishes State Debt Management Agency
Даша Зубкова 12 February, 12:4359
Yermak: Zelenskyy Likely To Meet With Putin Before Normandy Summit
Даша Зубкова 12 February, 12:4180
NACP Allocates UAH 283 Million To Finance Parliamentary Parties In 2020
Даша Зубкова 11 February, 17:4238
Borodianskyi To Initiate Extension Of Ban On Russian Social Networks And Media
Даша Зубкова 11 February, 17:3944
Weighted Average Electricity Price For Industry Down 31.8% To UAH 1,425 Per MWh Since Launch Of New Market Model
Даша Зубкова 11 February, 17:3626
Shuliavka Bridge Reconstruction In Kyiv Will Exceed UAH 1.05 Billion – Kyiv City State Administration
Даша Зубкова 11 February, 17:3328
Zelenskyy Discusses Implementation Of Normandy Summit Agreements With Merkel
Даша Зубкова 11 February, 17:3038
Presidential Office Explains Bohdan’s Dismissal By His Resignation Request And Thanks For Work
Даша Зубкова 11 February, 17:2759
Most Of Remittances From Labor Migrants Come From Poland, Russia In 3rd Place In 2019
Даша Зубкова 11 February, 12:4291
16 Banks Will Undergo Stress-Testing In 2020 – NBU
Даша Зубкова 11 February, 12:2857
Zelenskyy Appoint Yermak As Presidential Office Head Instead Of Bohdan
Даша Зубкова 11 February, 12:2254
Lutsenko Expecting Bohdan And Riaboshapka’s Dismissals In February
Даша Зубкова 11 February, 12:0757
Ukraine Not Planning To Appoint Ambassador To Russia – Foreign Ministry
Даша Зубкова 10 February, 18:2167
Lavrov Advocating Resumption Of Work Of Ukrainian And RF Ambassadors
Даша Зубкова 10 February, 18:1353
Ukraine Has 30 Coronavirus Test Kits
Даша Зубкова 10 February, 18:1084
NACB Opens Case Based On Appeal Of 11 MPs Upon Alleged Appropriation Of Public Funds By Ex-President Poroshenko
Даша Зубкова 10 February, 18:0849