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Даша Зубкова

Polygraph Combine Ukraina Director Onyschenko’s January Salary UAH 0.6 Million
Даша Зубкова 24 January, 18:1424
Court Bans Ex-Deputy Culture Minister Lesnicha From Visiting Presidential Office And Rada
Даша Зубкова 24 January, 18:1223
OSCE Media Freedom Representative Desir To Visit Ukraine From February 4 To 7
Даша Зубкова 24 January, 18:0823
Court Replaces Sheremet Murder Suspect Duhar’s Round-The-Clock House Arrest With Nighttime House Arrest
Даша Зубкова 24 January, 18:0519
Zelenskyy, Israeli Knesset Speaker Edelstein Discuss Israeli Ratification Of FTA Agreement With Ukraine
Даша Зубкова 24 January, 18:0216
SBI Interrogates Poroshenko In High Treason Case
Даша Зубкова 24 January, 17:5331
Naftogaz May Stop Gas Supply To 37 Heat Producers Due To Debts From February 1
Даша Зубкова 24 January, 13:5729
SACPO Dismisses Case Of CEC's Ex-Head Okhendovskyi Over Expiration Of Investigation Terms
Даша Зубкова 24 January, 13:5622
Poroshenko Arrives For Interrogation At SBI
Даша Зубкова 24 January, 13:5222
Nova Poshta Ups Number Of Branches By 122% To 6,000 Branches In 2019
Даша Зубкова 24 January, 13:4620
Ukraine Negotiating With EU To Resume Supply Of Poultry Meat - Ukrainian Trade Representative Kachka
Даша Зубкова 23 January, 18:2839
MHP Suspends Export Of Poultry Meat To EU Due To Outbreak Of Bird Flu In Vinnytsia Region
Даша Зубкова 23 January, 18:2544
Head Of EU Delegation Maasikas Assures Of Simplicity Of Obtaining Permission To Enter EU From 2021
Даша Зубкова 23 January, 18:1861
EU Temporarily Suspends Poultry Meat Imports From Ukraine Due To Outbreak Of Bird Flu In Vinnytsia Region
Даша Зубкова 23 January, 18:14243
Cabinet To Place Ukrzaliznytsia Under Management Of Deutsche Bahn
Даша Зубкова 23 January, 18:1063
Ukraine’s Population Is 37.3 Million – Dubilet
Даша Зубкова 23 January, 12:5483
NACB Notifies Ex-Commissioner For ECHR Affairs Babin, Ex-First Deputy Justice Minister And 4 More People Of Suspicion Of Embezzlement Of UAH 54 Million
Даша Зубкова 23 January, 12:5161
Ukraine Expected To Pay UAH 169.2 Billion In Foreign Debt And UAH 231.5 Billion In Internal Debt In 2020 – Finance Ministry
Даша Зубкова 23 January, 12:4743
Court Refuses To Arrest USD 120,000 And EUR 100,000 Found During Searches At MP Dubnevych's Home
Даша Зубкова 23 January, 12:4231
Ukraine Places Eurobonds For EUR 1.25 Billion
Даша Зубкова 23 January, 12:3648