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Тимофей Борзенко

Serhiy Lovochkin. Photo by
Ukraine Not Ready for Next Step of Healthcare Reform, - Lovochkin
Тимофей Борзенко 13 February, 12:1734
Ukrzaliznytsia & Deutsche Bahn Photo by
Deutsche Bahn can only provide advice and assistance to "Ukrzaliznytsia", they won’t solve problems, - German media
Тимофей Борзенко 04 February, 11:35210
VAB Bank. Photos from Facebook
UAH 3,000 vs UAH 8 bln: Deposit Guarantee Fund fails to sell VAB Bank assets (Document)
Тимофей Борзенко 21 January, 17:07178
NABU detectives decide to conduct unauthorized interrogation of 10,000 Ukrlandfarming employees
Тимофей Борзенко 17 January, 11:59207
Chernihiv region is in TOP 3 regions in terms of decentralization reform, - Andriy Prokopenko
Тимофей Борзенко 13 January, 15:55173
A case was opened against NABU detectives because of false expert report in Pysaruk-Bakhmatyuk case
Тимофей Борзенко 24 December, 09:1997
Spanish court closed investigation against Stepan Chernovetskyi
Тимофей Борзенко 17 December, 12:45189
The special-purpose committee of the Verkhovna Rada asks Avakov to deal with cases of prosecution of journalists
Тимофей Борзенко 09 December, 10:26196
The management of the Kyiv airport plans to extend the runway
Тимофей Борзенко 05 December, 12:55208
Budget-2020 Shelves Problems of Inter-Budget Relations, - Lovochkin
Тимофей Борзенко 29 November, 12:1547
Kolomoysky saves Prosecutor Kulyk through his transfer to the Security Service of Ukraine, - expert
Тимофей Борзенко 27 November, 09:45192
60 percent of Ukrainians are involved into charity, - research
Тимофей Борзенко 25 November, 11:11194
The Cabinet of Ministers allocated more money for President’s Nature Reserves than to exporters support, - Lovochkin
Тимофей Борзенко 22 November, 10:3948
Salary Arrears Hit Record High Since 2001, - Lovochkin
Тимофей Борзенко 18 November, 13:2844
Allseeds Black Sea Terminal - No. 1 Ukrainian oil supplier for export
Тимофей Борзенко 12 November, 11:3066
The State must guarantee equal conditions for all players of the construction materials market, - Sergiy Lishchyna
Тимофей Борзенко 31 October, 10:31185
Opposition platform – for life wants Energy Minister to Report on Heating Season Preparations, - Lovochkin
Тимофей Борзенко 17 October, 10:4131
Opposition platform - for life Proposes to Spend Budget-2020 Funds on Social Expenses Instead of Additional State Apparatus Allowances, - Lovochkin
Тимофей Борзенко 16 October, 15:2724
Boyko's platform requires lowering gas and heating tariffs through a direct gas contract with Russia
Тимофей Борзенко 15 October, 12:4747
If Ukraine initiates the case against the Bidens, then it will become an enemy of both sides in the United States, - Lutsenko
Тимофей Борзенко 09 October, 11:45130