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Occupiers Withdrawing Military Equipment From Mariupol - Andriushchenko

Occupiers Withdrawing Military Equipment From Mariupol - Andriushchenko

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The Russian invaders began withdrawing military equipment from Mariupol and moving it towards Berdiansk.

This was announced by Petro Andriushchenko, adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, in his Telegram channel.

"The occupiers have started withdrawing military equipment from Mariupol. Even that which was dug in before. The equipment is moving towards Berdiansk," Andriushchenko wrote.

He also noted that in Mariupol the invaders are once again intensifying counter-partisan measures. Thus, patrols and checkpoints have been strengthened in almost all districts of the city, and for the first time a stationary patrol is observed near the Drama Theater. Inspections of all cars without exception, another wave of searches and break-ins of apartments.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the “DPR" declares that they will rebuild the Mariupol Drama Theater. The ruined building has already been covered with steel shields.

Also, in the temporarily occupied Mariupol, the Russian invaders destroyed the territory of the archaeological site "Kalmius Settlement".

Meanwhile, the resistance movement is gaining momentum in the occupied city. People cannot openly express their protest to the occupiers, so they simply draw the letter "Ї" on the asphalt.