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Ireland Recognizes Russia's Actions In Ukraine As Genocide

Ireland Recognizes Russia's Actions In Ukraine As Genocide

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Ireland recognized the Russian invasion of Ukraine as genocide.

Speaker of the Upper House of the Parliament of Ireland Mark Daly wrote about this on Twitter, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“... the illegal invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation is an Act of Genocide”

Senate of Ireland passed a resolution on Genocide by Russia in Ukraine,” the statement says.

According to published photos of the adopted resolution, the Irish Parliament also called on governments around the world to maintain and tighten sanctions against the Russian Federation, working to stop the import of Russian oil, gas and coal, which finance the Russian war machine against the Ukrainian people and its territories, and the political leadership of the Russian Federation - to suffer responsibility for their crimes in Ukraine.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported, earlier five countries - Estonia, Latvia, Canada, Lithuania, Czech Republic - recognized the actions of the Russian Federation in Ukraine as genocide of the Ukrainian people.

U.S. President Joe Biden called Russian leader Vladimir Putin a dictator and the war he unleashed in Ukraine a genocide.