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Foreign Intelligence Service Claims Putin's Obvious Health Problems

Foreign Intelligence Service Claims Putin's Obvious Health Problems

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The Foreign Intelligence Service (FIS) has declared obvious health problems for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This is stated in the White Book information bulletin of the FIS, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“So, against the background of more and more obvious health problems of V. Putin, noticeable difficulty for him to physically perform public functions of the head of state in Russia, the period of transfer of power has de facto begun,” the paragraph “Threats by origin from the Russian Federation” reads.

It is also noted that regardless of the specific option ("Putin is president for life", "Putin is the leader of the nation", "Putin is a tandem", "Putin's successor", etc.), the basic scenario for the medium term provides for the preservation of the "Putinism" state model in Russia with or without Putin.

It is also noted that rapid changes in the Kremlin's position in relation to the main directions of foreign policy are not expected.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in December, Putin did not wish Zelenskyy a Happy New Year.