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Czech Republic Acquires RM-70 MLRS With Missiles For Ukraine

Czech Republic Acquires RM-70 MLRS With Missiles For Ukraine

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Within a few weeks, a RМ-70 rocket launcher and 365 missiles will be transferred to Ukraine, for which Czech citizens raised more than USD 1.3 million.

The author of the Gift to Putin initiative Martin Ondracek stated this, according to Ceske Noviny.

"Today we have exceeded USD 1.3 million, our goal is more than USD 2.3 million. The launcher costs almost USD 784,000. Our goal is to send another 365 missiles there so that the weapon has some equipment," he said.

It is noted that the rocket launcher was overhauled.

"This is a fully comprehensive repair, including an engine, landing gear platform, rocket launchers or fire control system, so that the rocket launcher meets the maximum possible requirements for combat use," said Ivo Strejсek, development director of STV Group.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the European Commission intends to propose a plan to increase the production of ammunition in the European Union, which will primarily be aimed at meeting the needs of Ukraine.