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Таня Герасимова

CEC Allows Voters To Change Polling Places Online For Two Election Rounds At Once
Таня Герасимова 02 December, 19:3638
Police Guarding Ex-Kyiv Regional Councilor Sobolev
Таня Герасимова 02 December, 18:1281
Market Gas Price For Population Will Take Effect From May 2020 – Orzhel
Таня Герасимова 02 December, 17:5858
Police Considering 3 Main Motives For Murder Of Ex-Kyiv Regional Councilor Sobolev’s 3-Year-Old Son In Kyiv
Таня Герасимова 02 December, 17:54102
State Budget Revenue Target Falls Short Of 8.6% In November
Таня Герасимова 02 December, 17:5148
NBU Fines Evroprombank UAH 400,000, Megabank UAH 200,000, Radabank UAH 300,000, Oschadbank UAH 200,000 In November
Таня Герасимова 02 December, 14:1350
Single Treasury Account Balance Down 3.6% To UAH 55.006 Billion In November
Таня Герасимова 02 December, 14:1049
Deficit Of Current Account Of Balance Of Payments USD 0.7 Billion In October
Таня Герасимова 02 December, 14:08104
Zelenskyy Admits Discussing Gas Transit In Normandy Format Beyond Donbas Issues
Таня Герасимова 02 December, 14:0568
Razumkov Signs State Budget For 2020
Таня Герасимова 02 December, 14:0258
Police Detain Suspects Of Murdering 3-Year-Old Child In Downtown Kyiv
Таня Герасимова 02 December, 13:5877
Criminal Liability For Disinformation Could Be Introduced For Journalists Until Ukraine Recovers Occupied Territories – Borodianskyi
Таня Герасимова 29 November, 18:3957
Zelenskyy And Putin Could Discuss Gas Transit In Paris On December 9 – Putin Spokesman Peskov
Таня Герасимова 29 November, 18:3578
SBU, National Police Raid UkrGasVydobuvannya
Таня Герасимова 29 November, 18:3158
Zelenskyy Signs Law Abolishing Military Ranks Of Praporschyk And Midshipman
Таня Герасимова 29 November, 18:2450
Court Extends Arrest Of Ex-MP Pashynskyi Until January 29, 2020
Таня Герасимова 29 November, 18:2049
Central European Confectionery Company Buys Stake In International Investment Bank
Таня Герасимова 29 November, 18:1796
Cash Dollar Sell Rate Falls For Fifth Week In Row, Reaches 24.1413 UAH/USD, Buy Rate Falls To 23.8829 UAH/USD November 22-29
Таня Герасимова 29 November, 14:1069
Cash Dollar Sell Rate 24.1413 UAH/USD, Buy Rate 23.8829 UAH/USD On Friday
Таня Герасимова 29 November, 13:4541
Average Salary Up 0.4% To UAH 10,700 In October
Таня Герасимова 29 November, 13:3549