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Politico Declares Putin "Loser Of The Year"

Politico Declares Putin "Loser Of The Year"

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The American publication Politico named Russian President Vladimir Putin the winner in the nomination "loser of the year".

This is reported by Politico resources.

"Vladimir Putin's dream of a great Russia is unlikely to come true. His full-scale offensive on Ukraine began to fall apart almost as quickly as it began... Putin has long sought to return Russia to the status of a great power that it had during the times of the Soviet Union. Instead, his invasion was rejected his country to a third-rate status, unable to defeat an adversary it underestimated and despised," the publication said.

They added that Russia "resorts to fictitious referendums and rattling nuclear sabers" in order to put pressure on the West. And they predicted that due to Putin's stubbornness, the war in Ukraine would drag on. For Europe, this will further mean inflation, high energy prices, gas shortages and pressure on the political system.

"Putin's inability to realize his dream does not mean that he will not continue to be a nightmare for his neighbors," Politico summarized.

In addition, the journalists added that Putin's decision to draft hundreds of thousands of Russians led to the fact that men of draft age began to leave the country.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian army, emboldened by territorial gains, Western arms supply and captured Russian equipment, continues to apply pressure.

In addition, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was called a "dark diplomat" in Politico and classified in the "Destroyers" section.

"With sophisticated propaganda tools at their disposal, the 72-year-old foreign minister and his army of diplomats have successfully exploited the global appetite for gas and grain and use the most of the West's complicated relationship with its former colonies, taking every opportunity to cast Europe in a foolish light - or even worse," the publication wrote about the Russian minister.

We will remind that yesterday The Time magazine named President Volodymyr Zelenskyy the person of the year.