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Western Sanctions Prevent Russia's Defense Industry From Producing Sophisticated Weapons

Western Sanctions Prevent Russia's Defense Industry From Producing Sophisticated Weapons

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The head of the Military Committee of the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO), Admiral Rob Bauer, is sure that the Western sanctions against the Russian Federation due to the invasion of Ukraine have already begun to prevent the Russian defense industry from producing sophisticated weapons.

This was stated by a NATO representative in an interview with the Reuters news agency.

"It (Russia) is hampered more and more by sanctions because some of the components they need for their weapons systems come from Western industry. We are now seeing the first serious signs of this in the context of their ability to produce, for example, replacements for cruise missiles and more sophisticated weapons," Bauer said.

The NATO official noted that both Ukraine and Russia are experiencing a shortage of weapons and ammunition in the war due to the intensity of the firefights. "As far as we know, the Russians still have a significant industrial base and are capable of producing a lot of munitions. And they still have a lot of munitions," the admiral added.

According to estimates by the North Atlantic Alliance cited by Bauer, Russia engaged about 85% of its military personnel in Ukraine. This makes it difficult for it to increase its own military presence in Ukraine other than through mobilization.

"We are observing the arrival of a small number of new (Russian) troops. What we are sure of is that the level of training of these troops is not very high," said the head of the NATO Military Committee.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Olha Stefanishyna allows the opening of a "window of opportunity" for Ukraine to join NATO before the end of the war with Russia.