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Defense Ministry Says They Do Not Have Data On Repeated Attack On Kyiv

Defense Ministry Says They Do Not Have Data On Repeated Attack On Kyiv

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The military-political leadership of Ukraine does not have information about the offensive of the Russian troops on Kyiv in the near future. The Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Hanna Maliar reported this during the telethon.

She said that neither the Ministry of Defense nor the Defense Intelligence has data that would indicate an attack on Kyiv "right today."

"But we must understand that there is a constant threat to Kyiv and the entire territory of Ukraine, because we have a war. For the enemy, the easiest and fastest way to establish control over all of Ukraine is to seize the capital. Therefore, we need to be aware that the country is at war and there are such risks constantly," Maliar emphasized.

The source of information about the possible offensive of the Russian troops on the capital is Russian propaganda, because this panic is beneficial to the enemy.

"Yesterday we were looking for roots where it (information - ed.) could first appear on social networks. And it should be said that these are indeed Russian sources, and also our citizens who are not indifferent contributed to this,” Maliar said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Minister of Defense Oleksii Reznikov said on Friday that Ukraine had entered a long phase of the war and it was difficult to predict how long it would last.

In early May, the adviser to the head of the President's Office Oleksii Arestovych predicted the transition of the Ukrainian army to a counteroffensive in the second half of June - in July.