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Nika-Tera Invests UAH 22.7 Million In Launch Of New Production Of Composite Materials Products

Nika-Tera Invests UAH 22.7 Million In Launch Of New Production Of Composite Materials Products

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The Nika-Tera sea terminal (Mykolaiv, part of the Group DF port business) invested UAH 22.7 million in launching of a new production of products made of composite materials intended for industrial and civil construction.

The enterprise said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

According to the statement, the production is organized at one of the production sites of the Nika-Tera port.

The new enterprise produces as standardized products, such as roofing sheets, stair steps, chippers, handrails, corners and others, but also fulfills individual orders according to the design tasks of customers.

The production capacity of the site for glass composite profiles is 1,000 tons per year, and for molding products is 750 tons per year.

Products must meet both the port’s own needs and enter the market.

The statement notes that the products are competitive not only in Ukraine, but also in foreign markets: the high quality and necessary properties of glass composite profiles and molded products are confirmed by the relevant protocols of specialized services.

Initially, the launch of production was provided solely to cover the port’s own needs.

As part of the pilot project, it was planned to replace structures made of metal, ceramics, glass and wood with an alternative material with a long service life, which does not require investments in maintenance and repair, as well as practically with zero depreciation of funds.

However, after the created prototypes proved themselves to be excellent in production processes, the company decided to single out this area as a separate business unit.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in 2018, the Nika-Tera sea terminal increased cargo handling by 40% to 5.84 million tons.

The Nika-Tera terminal has 3 specialized complexes and specializes in the transshipment of such types of cargo as grain, mineral fertilizers and other bulk cargo.

The sea terminal is located 63 kilometers from the sea on the left bank of the Bug Estuary. It has seven berths with a length of about 1,500 meters.

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