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7 Holos Faction Members Leave Party

7 Holos Faction Members Leave Party

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Seven Members of the Verkhovna Rada from the Holos faction have left the party.

Member of the Rada Yulia Klymenko wrote about it on Facebook, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“Yesterday, seven MPs left the Holos party in protest against another fake congress, the party's raiding and its systematic destruction in favor of the oligarchy: Yaroslav Yurchyshyn, Oleksandra Ustynova, Solomiia Bobrovska, Volodymyr Tsabal, Roman Lozynskyi, Olha Stefanyshyna and me," she wrote.

According to Klymenko, now the Holos faction in parliament consists of 70% of non-affiliated members of the faction.

Kira Rudyk, Yaroslav Zhelezniak, Serhii Rakhmanin, Inna Sovsun, Andrii Osadchuk, Lesia Vasylenko, and Yaroslav Ruschyshyn remained members of the Holos party.

As Ukrainian News Agency previously reported, some Holos members did not take part in the congress and wrote statements about leaving the party.

The press service of the Holos reports that 86% of the delegates to the party congress expressed support for the current chairman of the party, Kira Rudyk.

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