Kurt Volker

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If Putin Were Capable Of Something More, He Would Already Do It - Volker On West's Fear To Cross "Red Lines"
Politics 24 May 2023, 16:11 402
Kurt Volker calls to increase countering Russian Hybrid Operations
Politics 08 August 2022, 14:17 464
U.S. Conditioned Zelenskyy-Trump Meeting And Military Assistance On Investigation Of Biden’s Case – Correspondence Between U.S. Ambassadors And Yermak
Politics 04 October 2019, 18:09 215
U.S. Special Envoy Volker, OSCE Chairman-In-Office Lajcak To Attend Yalta European Strategy Forum On September 14
Politics 11 September 2019, 19:58 164
Zelenskyy Discusses Situation In JFO Zone With U.S. Special Representative For Ukraine Volker
Politics 26 July 2019, 19:27 344
Information About Alleged Participation Of Trump In Zelenskyi’s Inauguration Confidential – Zelenskyi’s Headquarters
Politics 10 May 2019, 18:10 215
U.S. Special Envoy Volker: Russia Holding Ukrainian Sailors As Political Act Aimed At Pressuring Ukraine On Eve Of Presidential Elections; Additional Sanctions Possible
Politics 31 January 2019, 18:59 209
U.S. Special Envoy Volker Backs German-French Proposal To Monitor Passage Of Vessels Through Kerch Strait
Politics 31 January 2019, 18:54 233
United States To Support Ukraine In Enhancement Of Defense At Sea, Along Coastline And In Air
Politics 19 December 2018, 12:48 157
U.S. Special Representative For Ukraine Volker: Russia's Aggression In Kerch Strait Attempt To Influence On 2019 Presidential Election In Ukraine
Politics 06 December 2018, 15:33 146
Volker: U.S. Aware Of Russian Regular Army's Presence In Donbas
Politics 25 September 2018, 16:46 164
President Poroshenko: U.S. Special Representative For Ukraine Volker Will Pay Official Visit To Ukraine On May 14
Politics 10 May 2018, 18:02 123
Serhiy Lovochkin Told What He Had Talked To Volker About
Politics 01 February 2018, 12:40 52
U.S. Special Representative For Ukraine Volker Calling On Ukraine To Be Ready To Provide Donbas With Special Status, Ensure Amnesty For Militants
Politics 28 November 2017, 16:50 116
Ukraine's Ambassador to UN Yelchenko, U.S. Special Representative Volker Discuss Perspectives Of Deployment Of UN Peacekeeping Mission In Donbas
Politics 07 November 2017, 16:51 191
Volker: Fire At Ammunition Depot In Vinnytsia Region Not To Affect U.S. Decision To Provide Ukraine With Lethal Weapons
Politics 29 September 2017, 19:49 66
U.S. Secretary Of State Tillerson Hoping For Progress In Settlement Of Donbas Conflict
Politics 02 August 2017, 16:58 124
Newly Appointed U.S. Special Representative For Ukraine Negotiations Volker Will Accompany Secretary of State Tillerson During Visit To Kyiv On July 9
Politics 07 July 2017, 18:10 199
U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson Appoints Volker Special Representative To Ukraine
Politics 07 July 2017, 18:07 173