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Serhiy Lovochkin Told What He Had Talked To Volker About

Serhiy Lovochkin Told What He Had Talked To Volker About


One of the leaders of the Opposition Bloc, deputy head of the Opposition Bloc faction in the parliament Serhiy Lovochkin, said what he had talked to Volker about before his meeting with Vladislav Surkov.

This is said in respective statement by the press-service of the politician, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

According to Lovochkin, Volker discussed details of the “Road map” for Donbas with the leaders of the Opposition Bloc. He also noted that in the negotiation format of Volker-Surkov, the option of Moscow’s consent to the mandate of the UN peacekeeping mission is being discussed if Kiev implements the political part of the Minsk agreements in a strictly stipulated time.

“We hope for an early peaceful settlement, the negotiations are very complicated, since the situation in Donbas is very difficult, but without doubt the Volker-Surkov design is the most promising negotiating mechanism”. And if they manage to quickly agree on a “Road map” for the implementation of the Minsk agreements, peace in Donbas can be achieved in a matter of months,” Lovochkin stated.

He also noted that he did not think that Russia would implement the policy of a smoldering conflict in Donbas.

“It is important that the Ukrainian government wants to achieve peace, otherwise there will be no international support, progress and movement forward.” The desire to find peace, mutual understanding and ways out of the conflict must be mutual, an effective interstate dialogue at the highest level is necessary,” Serhiy Lovochkin said.

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