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Belarus To Import 30% Of Its Crude Oil Via Ukraine

Belarus To Import 30% Of Its Crude Oil Via Ukraine

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Belarus plans to import 30% of crude oil through Ukraine.

This is stated in a report by the Belarusian news agency, BELTA, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“There is currently no alternative to the supply of Russian crude oil in full. However, as we agreed, we need to diversify. We need to move toward buying 30-40% of our crude oil from Russia. Thirty percent should be imported from the Baltic and 30% through Ukraine,” President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

He also said that Belarus has already begun importing crude oil from international markets.

In addition, Lukashenko said that the most important issue was subsequent sale of petroleum products from produced from crude oil refined at oil refineries.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier earlier reported, the A-95 Consulting Group believes that an end to Russian crude-oil exports to Belarus will not affect the Ukrainian market of petroleum products.

The Naftogaz of Ukraine group began importing petroleum products from Belarus for sale in Ukraine in September 2019.

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