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Zelenskyy Appoints Ambassadors To Moldova, China, Jordan And Qatar

Zelenskyy Appoints Ambassadors To Moldova, China, Jordan And Qatar

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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has appointed Ambassadors of Ukraine to Moldova, China, Jordan and Qatar.

This is stated in decrees No.912-915 of December 18, published on Thursday, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The embassy in Qatar was without a leader for the longest time - the former President Petro Poroshenko dismissed the Ambassador on February 27.

Zelenskyy appointed Andrii Kuzmenko to this post.

Previously, he was an adviser and Charge d'Affaires of Ukraine in the United Kingdom, as well as an adviser and deputy permanent representative of Ukraine to the Council of Europe.

Poroshenko dismissed the Ambassador to Moldova on April 25.

Mark Shevchenko became the new Ambassador by Zelenskyy’s decree.

In 2003-2007, he was an adviser to this embassy on political issues.

After that, he worked as an adviser and provisional attorney for the Embassy in Canada, and until his current appointment, he was Deputy Director of the Department for Countering Threats from Russia - Head of the Political Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Ambassador to China was dismissed by Poroshenko on May 17.

Zelenskyy appointed Serhii Kamyshev to this post.

He already held a similar position in 2004-2009, and was also an ambassador to the North Korea and Mongolia concurrently.

In the 1990s, he worked in the embassies of Egypt, Syria and Lebanon.

In turn, the Ambassador to Jordan was dismissed by Zelenskyy on July 19.

He replaced him with Myroslava Scherbatiuk.

She is the director of the Department of the Middle East and Africa of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Zelenskyy appointed Volodymyr Yelchenko as the Ambassador of Ukraine to the USA.

Since December 2015, he was the head of the representative office of Ukraine at the United Nations.

Instead, Zelenskyy appointed Deputy Foreign Minister Serhii Kysyitsia as the representative of Ukraine at the UN.