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Severodonetsk Azot Suspends Production Of Nitrogen Fertilizers

Severodonetsk Azot Suspends Production Of Nitrogen Fertilizers

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The Severodonetsk Azot Association (Luhansk region), which is part of the OstChem holding company, has suspended production of nitrogen fertilizers.

The company announced this in a statement, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“Severodonetsk Azot, which is part of Group DF’s nitrogen business, has suspended production of nitrogen fertilizers. The suspension of production is related to the implementation of the plant’s production plan and the accumulation of sufficient quantities of products for the seasonal agricultural work in its warehouses," the statement said.

According to Severodonetsk Azot’s Board Chairman Leonid Buhaev, the products that the plant has already produced are sufficient to fully cover the existing demand from Ukrainian farmers.

All the plant’s warehouses are currently overstocked, he said.

According to the company, the Cherkassy Azot, RivneAzot, and Severodonetsk Azot plants have collectively produced more than 500,000 tons of nitrogen fertilizers since June 2018.

According to Buhaev, the capacities of the Cherkassy Azot and Rivne Azot plants are sufficient to cover the remaining needs for the autumn crop sowing campaign.

All the necessary measures will be taken to technologically prepare the Severodonetsk Azot for the winter period during the period of suspension of production.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Severodonetsk Azot’s losses reduced by UAH 4.353 billion or 3.6-fold to UAH 1.694 billion and its net revenue reduced by UAH 313.713 million or 21.53% to UAH 1.144 billion in 2017, compared with 2016.

Severodonetsk Azot is a major producer of ammonia, urea, and ammonium nitrate.

Severodonetsk Azot resumed production of ammonium nitrate in early November 2017.

The RivneAzot (Rivne region), Severodonetsk Azot, and Azot (Cherkasy) enterprises, which are all part of the OstChem holding company, began preparation for resumption of production of mineral fertilizers in June.

RivneAzot resumed production of nitrogen fertilizers in July 2017.

The plant is part of OstChem, which unites Group DF’s nitrogen production facilities.

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