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Ukrainians Who Cannot Leave Nepal Due To Lockdown Will Start Returning Home From May 22 - Embassy

Ukrainians Who Cannot Leave Nepal Due To Lockdown Will Start Returning Home From May 22 - Embassy

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Ukrainian tourists who cannot leave Nepal due to the closure of the airspace due to increased quarantine will begin returning home from May 22.

Ukrainian News Agency learned this from the Embassy of Ukraine in India, to which the consulate in Nepal is subordinate.

"Today, there are the following opportunities for the repatriation of Ukrainian citizens from Nepal who visit this country for tourist purposes, and are forced to stay in it due to the introduction of a lockdown and the closure of regular international flights: charter flights of Turkish Airlines on May 22, 25, 27 and Qatar Airways on May 22, 25, 31," reads a response to the agency's request.

Both companies have already received permission from the Nepalese authorities to operate flights on May 22.

At the same time, the embassy states that not all Ukrainians wishing to leave the country were able to buy tickets for these flights.

“Given the excitement and increased demand for the purchase of tickets for the next charter flights, in order to maintain parity in the repatriation of foreigners, ticket agents of Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines have introduced proportional technical quotas on the number of passenger seats for each state. Considering the abovementioned, a number of our citizens faced the problem of buying tickets for the flights of the aforementioned companies on May 22," the embassy explained.

In this regard, the embassy officially asked the airlines and their agents in Nepal to assist in registering Ukrainians for the next available flights.

In addition to these repatriation charter flights, several others are expected to launch soon.

"On May 18, the government of Nepal made a decision on a partial gradual restoration of international flights in certain directions. In the near future, it is planned to launch regular flights (so far once a week) to Doha (Qatar) and Guangzhou (PRC)," the embassy said.

107 Ukrainian tourists expressed their desire to leave Nepal, on May 17, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to resolve the issue of their return home.

At the same time, four of them were diagnosed with coronavirus.

The embassy said that all of them are in self-isolation and no one has a serious illness.

The timing of their return to Ukraine will depend on their recovery, which should be confirmed by the result of PCR testing.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Foreign Ministry expects that 127 Ukrainians who wished to leave the Gaza Strip due to the aggravation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will be evacuated through Egypt after organizing a green corridor.