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Blogger: Rabinovych Sells Land Received For Free From Kyiv For Babi Yar Memorial For UAH 75 Million

Blogger: Rabinovych Sells Land Received For Free From Kyiv For Babi Yar Memorial For UAH 75 Million

Vadym Rabinovych, Babi Yar

During 12 years, the Chairperson of the All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress - Member of Parliament Vadym Rabinovych promised to build a Memorial in memory to those killed in Babi Yar. For this fraudulently he knocked the land out of the Kyiv community. And then sold this land. Blogger Vasyl Krutchak wrote this on Facebook, raising the relevant documents.

"I publish documents showing that Vadym Rabinovych received USD 2.7 million (UAH 75 million) through Pavlo Fuks for reselling land in Babi Yar. This is the most notorious developer of Moscow, a former Kharkiv citizen who now finances Rabinovych's political career," writes the blogger.

According to the blogger, the first stage of the scheme was implemented in 2005-2009, when Vadym Rabinovych, without appropriate permission from the Kyiv city council, rented two land plots in Babi Yar with a total area of 7.8 hectares for 5 and 25 years. It was about the place where during the Second World War the Nazis shot more than 100,000 Jews.

The scheme was launched on May 18, 2005, when Vadym Rabinovych founded a Babi Yar Memorial Fund charitable organization and became chairperson of the board in it. As stated in the documents, the organization was established with the purpose of obtaining land plots for lease in Babi Yar.

Three months later, the Babi Yar Memorial Fund prepared draft contracts for the lease of a land plot with an area of 2.3 hectares for 25 years to build the Babi Yar memorial complex and its maintenance, as well as for rent of a land plot of 5.5 hectares for 5 years to equip the adjacent territory.

After 2 years - in December 2007, the Rabinovych Fund sent its proposals in the form of draft decisions to the Kyiv city council. The city council returned these projects with a number of comments.

"This allowed Vadym/David to apply to the Kyiv Economic Court with a demand to consider both contracts to be concluded because of the alleged inactivity of the Kyiv city council. On May 29, 2008, the court unexpectedly took a decision in favor of Rabinovych.

The Kyiv city council decided not to fight in an appeal for 7.8 hectares of urban land. And a year later - on June 3, 2009 Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetskyi signed both lease agreements on the terms of Vadym Rabinovych," writes the blogger.

This scheme allowed Rabinovych, bypassing the vote in the session hall of the Kyiv city council, to become a tenant of 7.8 hectares of land in Babi Yar. At that he got it actually for free, because from 2009 to 2015 he did not pay a kopeck to the city budget for renting. As at January 1, 2018, the debts of the Babi Yar Memorial Fund exceeded UAH 7.5 million.

For 7 years of ownership of the land Rabinovych did not build anything there. But in December 2015, the new mayor Vitali Klitschko prolonged contract with Rabinovych for the lease of a land plot with an area of 5.5 hectares.

"In the end, last year, Rabinovych decided to sell the land to those who really intend to build a memorial - the Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial international organization. Its supervisory board includes such famous people as Viktor Pinchuk, Sviatoslav Vakarchuk, Aleksander Kwaśniewski, German Khan, Natan Sharansky and Mikhail Fridman. Since he could not formally sell the rented land, Rabinovych sold to his new benefactors ... his organization.

At the same time, the MP-businessman decided to hide his participation in this scam: on May 22, 2017 he withdrew the Babi Yar Memorial Fund, and the new head of the organization became his political sponsor and partner Pavlo Fuks.

On October 19, 2017, a "compensation contract" was signed between Fuks and the director general of the Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial, the famous Polish politician Marek Siwiec. According to the contract, USD 2.7 million in hryvnia equivalent (now approximately UAH 75 million) should be transferred to the accounts of Pavlo Fuks for him and his partners. On the same day, Fuks undertook to withdraw from the Babi Yar Memorial Fund, and his partners (with Rabinovych inclusively) - to write notarized statements about the absence of any claims," said Krutchak.

The point in this story was put on November 29, 2017, when Pavlo Fuks signed the minutes of the meeting of the Babi Yar Memorial Fund about resignation of Vadym Rabinovych from the post of the chairperson of the board of this charitable organization.

"Thus, "charity" for the grief of the Jewish people brought to the chairperson of the Za Zhyttia party UAH 7.5 million. Vadym Rabinovych also transferred the debts for rent for all the wasted years that make up more than UAH 7 million to the new owners of the land.

So, in the bottom line. Ganef and talker Vadym Rabinovych wangled land in a dishonest way from the Kyiv city council supposedly for the construction of a memorial to the victims of Babi Yar. For 8 years did not build anything. Ran into debt to the city millions of hryvnias taxes on land. Finally resold the leased land to "serious people" for USD 2.7 million," the blogger summarized.

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