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Turkiye Bans Russian Planes From Flying Over Its Territory

Turkiye Bans Russian Planes From Flying Over Its Territory

Russian aircraft, Turkiye

Turkish authorities since November 1 banned the flight through the airspace of the country to Russian aircraft with double registration. This was reported by the Russian Interfax on Tuesday, November 8.

The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation will hold talks with Turkiye due to its decision to limit flights for aircraft with double registration, a representative of the Ministry told Interfax. The publication explains that after the imposition of sanctions, Russian airlines massively transferred the fleet of their aircraft from foreign registers (primarily Bermuda) to Russian, while some of them remained with double registration, which is the basis for their arrest by lessors abroad.

"According to the representative of the Ministry of Transport, in order to exclude violations of the Chicago Convention, Bermuda aircraft owners need to exclude aircraft registered and operated in Russia from their register. Relevant requests to their address were sent by Russian carriers. He called the tightening of aircraft deregistration "a gross violation of the Chicago convention," it was said.

Due to the need to fly around Turkiye, the duration of flights, for example, to Egypt, increased by 20-30 minutes, the publication emphasized.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on November 6, Turkiye did not let the ships of the Russian Pacific Fleet to the Black Sea, which were heading to attack Ukraine.

In March, four Russian warships did not reach the Black Sea due to the ban of Turkiye.

In February, the Turkish government decided to close the Bosphorus and Dardanelles, which connect the Mediterranean and Black Seas, to the movement of Russian warships.

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