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Turkish Karsan’s Buses to be Supplied to the City and Assembled in Kharkiv in the Future

Turkish Karsan’s Buses to be Supplied to the City and Assembled in Kharkiv in the Future

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Ihor Terekhov & Okan Bas. Photos from open sources
Ihor Terekhov & Okan Bas. Photos from open sources

The Turkish company Karsan will contribute to the modernisation of the transport infrastructure of Kharkiv. It will also become a principal partner in investment projects in the development of public transport, including the localisation of the assembly of its machinery in Kharkiv. The company proclaimed it in an official press release made public following the results of the Mintrans Forum held in Kharkiv.

According to the company, the start of long-term cooperation will be the delivery of the first 150 buses of Jest and Atak models by the Ukrainian distributor MDG.

"We believe our 6-meter Jest and 8-meter Atak models will make an optimal enrichment to the ever-changing traffic conditions in the city with their excellent performance and fuel-efficient engines. In this context, an agreement for the supply of 150 buses Jest and Atak from July to October through our Ukrainian distributor MDG was signed," the press service of the Turkish Karsan quoted Okan Bas, General Director.

Simultaneously, the CEO of a Turkish vehicle company established his intention to commence serial assembly of buses in Kharkiv, saying, "We will analyse the feasibility of investing in production facilities in Ukraine."

As previously reported, during the Mintrans Forum dedicated to the development of municipal infrastructure held in Kharkiv, the local city government signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Turkish corporation Karsan. The city and the corporation have agreed on the purchase of buses and the organisation of their assembly in Kharkiv in the future. The document was signed by Okan Bas, General Director of the Turkish Karsan, and Ihor Terekhov, Acting Mayor of Kharkiv.

The guests and speakers visiting the forum called the high-tech business park Ecopolis HTZ of the well-known Ukrainian businessman Oleksandr Yaroslavskyi (where the start of production of the Kharkiv tram is already being prepared) to be the most suitable platform for the assembly of Turkish Karsan buses in Ukraine.

Karsan is a Turkish engineering company producing minibuses Peugeot, Fiat Ducato, and Peugeot Boxer, numerous specialised vehicles for ambulances, police and taxis, cooperates with Hyundai in the production of light trucks, as well as with the division of the famous Renault Trucks brand for the production of long-haul trucks and road trains, and produces Breda Menarinibus buses.