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Serhiy Lovochkin. Photo by press service
Wage Arrears Must Be Among First Subjects for New Parliamentary Session, – Lovochkin
Яков Сташинский 06 September, 13:5568
NABU carried out searches. Photo by izvestia.kiev.ua.
NABU carried out searches in case of the former head of Oshchadbank Andrii Pyshnyi and the former prosecutor Konstiantyn Kulyk, – media
Яков Сташинский 31 August, 14:1991
Hennadiy Trukhanov. Photo by 112 Agency
Hennadiy Trukhanov: excavation at 6 km is an important element for restoring justice
Яков Сташинский 31 August, 14:0888
Dmytro Marunych. Photos from open sources
NSDC will not include Ukrainians accused by US Ministry of Finance of elections interference in sanction lists, – political scientist
Яков Сташинский 27 August, 17:27209
Andriy Brodskyy. Photos from open sources
Ukraine will have to modernize its investment policy – Andriy Brodskyy
Яков Сташинский 19 July, 15:35201
Special legal regime to stimulate the IT sector and growth of investment in the innovation sector
DIIA City got the positive comments from the US Embassy
Яков Сташинский 16 July, 14:52356
Serhiy Lovochkin. Photo by lovochkin.org
MP Lovochkin Demands that PM Secures Timely Funding for Healthcare and Social Protection Systems
Яков Сташинский 16 July, 11:5585
Fight against Poverty Must Become Government’s Priority, – Lovochkin
Яков Сташинский 05 July, 14:43100
Aggravating Demographic Crisis Leaves Ukraine with No Future, – Lovochkin
Яков Сташинский 29 June, 13:14199
Unemployment in Ukraine Hits Record High in 20 Years, – Lovochkin
Яков Сташинский 25 June, 13:32199
Government Cuts Payments to Healthcare Providers Despite Pandemics, – Lovochkin
Яков Сташинский 22 June, 13:2950
Oleg Bakhmatyuk. Photo by ulf.com.ua
Bakhmatyuk To Zelenskiy: Destroying My Company Is Not In The National Interest
Яков Сташинский 09 June, 09:37342
Consumer cooperation shop
COOP Ukraine stores, jointly with NBU, run financial literacy campaign 'Know your rights'
Яков Сташинский 12 May, 17:30405
Radiation. Open source illustration
Safe products – the key to the health of future generations
Яков Сташинский 28 April, 15:32120
Oleg Bakhmatyuk. Photo by fttc.com.ua
Bakhmatyuk: Ukraine can do without any external borrowing next three years
Яков Сташинский 26 April, 12:11112
Oleg Bakhmatyuk. Photo by ulf.com.ua
Government should represent Ukrainian businesses' interests abroad, – Bakhmatyuk
Яков Сташинский 26 April, 11:45112
Ihor Terekhov & Okan Bas. Photos from open sources
Turkish Karsan’s Buses to be Supplied to the City and Assembled in Kharkiv in the Future
Яков Сташинский 20 April, 13:29145
High Inflation of Recent Months Led to Drop in Ukrainians’ Real Income, – Lovochkin
Яков Сташинский 13 April, 14:1052
Ukrlandfarming. Photo by ulf.com.ua
151 MPs Petition PG Venediktova to Defend Ukrlandfarming from NABU
Яков Сташинский 09 April, 09:49107
Igor Terekhov and Okan Bas signed a memorandum of cooperation with Karsan. Photos from the event
Kharkiv Palace Holds a Meeting of the Authorities and DCH Group of Yaroslavskyi on the Municipal Infrastructure Development
Яков Сташинский 08 April, 17:40153