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Pharma industry develops extremely fast thanks to high-tech solutions – Shymkiv

Pharma industry develops extremely fast thanks to high-tech solutions – Shymkiv


The pharmaceutical industry is globally leading in the innovation processes. However, this would not have been possible without the active use of hi-tech at all stages, from drug development and research to business processes in companies in general, which ultimately increases the availability of medicines. This has been stated by executive chairman of Darnitsa Group Dmytro Shymkiv at the Innovations Day conference of the European Business Association.

He noted that thanks to the development of technologies, the speed of innovation processes in pharma industry has increased significantly. As an example, Shymkiv mentioned Moderna, whose scientists were able to quickly perform mRNA sequencing during the development of a COVID-19 vaccine

“It took only 2 days for Moderna to sequence the mRNA vaccine. Of course, then there were testing processes, clinical trials and so on. But the first stage was passed very quickly thanks to the new technologies. In the future, this will allow scientists to modify the vaccine during the entire period of its use,” noted Shymkiv.

Speaking about the Ukrainian pharma, he noted that the use of high technologies would optimize production and business processes in such a way as to reduce the cost of drugs for the end user.

“If we talk about Ukraine, this is the creation of generic drugs with proven bioequivalence to the original drugs. These are innovations associated with coformulated drugs, when a patient does not take ten tablets, but just one, and only once a day, rather than several.  This is one of the many innovative processes that take place in generic pharmaceutics. Innovations must be present in all processes. A company that does not innovate today is dead; it cannot move on. Therefore, innovations permeate all aspects of Darnitsa's activities and allow us to optimize processes in terms of security, continuity, cyber protection, data processing and quick decision-making,” added Shymkiv.

Let us recall that Darnitsa annually invests  in development and research more than 10% of its gross income. In total, the company has already invested more than 235 million euros in the innovative development.

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