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Николай Полищук

UkrLandFarming Укрлендфарминг Фото: UkrLandFarming
Oleg Bakhmatyuk's companies paid UAH 7.7 billion in taxes
Николай Полищук 27 February, 13:40237
Фото: pixabay
Experts told how to improve blood service in Ukraine
Николай Полищук 25 February, 16:10347
Agreement with the occupying power: Sytnyk did not declare 1 million rubles from the sale of real estate in the annexed Crimea (Documents)
Николай Полищук 25 February, 14:15430
About 6,000 farmers demand NABU chief's resignation, accuse him of pressure on Ukrainian business
Николай Полищук 19 February, 16:26226
Bakhmatyuk handed over inscribed eggs "Sytnyk is corrupt" to the director of NABU
Николай Полищук 19 February, 13:51197
Because of Sytnyk, state receives US$9.6 mln from VAB Bank assets sale instead of US$327.6 mln – Bakhmatyuk
Николай Полищук 12 February, 15:05372
Sytnik turning into main problem for relations between Ukrainian Govt and Trump – media
Николай Полищук 07 February, 12:18349
Several thousand farmers at rally call on president to dismiss NABU chief Sytnyk, protect their jobs
Николай Полищук 05 February, 15:31675
Птицефабрика. яйцо куриное. Фото: Укрлендфарминг
Avangard holding stunned over law enforment's allegations claiming two of its factories don't exist
Николай Полищук 04 February, 11:25245
Barshchovsky’s empire is on the verge of collapse,”- says blogger
Николай Полищук 31 January, 10:50238
Federation of Employers of Ukraine points to law enforcers' arbitrariness in relation to Ukrlandfarming
Николай Полищук 29 January, 16:24238
Foto: UkrLandFarming
Bakhmatyuk built Eurasia's largest factories, but NABU, PGO "don't see" them – company's appeal
Николай Полищук 28 January, 10:01259
Ivan Miroshnychenko: Unsolved problem of Ukrlandfarming will harm both the agricultural sector and the land market - and Ukraine in general
Николай Полищук 13 January, 13:57340
VAB Bank assets are intended to be sold 5 times cheaper than real value
Николай Полищук 09 January, 16:25252
Vasyl Khmelnytsky denies having business in the annexed Crimea
Николай Полищук 26 December, 11:15322
Oleh Bakhmatyuk: Andriy Bohdan, the head of the Presidential Office ordered me
Николай Полищук 26 December, 11:00352
Ukraine faces diplomatic scandal due to unauthorized actions of NABU in Austria
Николай Полищук 16 December, 15:45347
The first students of the ucode program in UNIT Factory Kharkiv presented their projects
Николай Полищук 07 December, 13:25187
Deposit Guarantee Fund: Bakhmatyuk offered to pay the debt of VAB bank, but NABU case prevented it
Николай Полищук 05 December, 16:58287
Bakhmatyuk never abscond, and NABU illegally appointed him “public attorneys”, lawyers
Николай Полищук 02 December, 16:30302