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Ukrainian News Now Available In Apple News App

Ukrainian News Now Available In Apple News App

Ukrainian News Agency, Apple, Apple News
Apple News. Photo: Apple inc
Apple News. Photo: Apple inc

The Ukrainian News Agency is now one of the first Ukrainian media resources to start cooperation with the Apple News platform.

Now the news stories are available in English for all users of the Apple News app in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Apple News is a mobile app and news aggregator developed by Apple Inc., for its iOS, watchOS, and macOS operating systems. The iOS version was launched with the release of iOS 9.

The resources that have already joined Apple News are New York Times, Daily Mail, Time, CNN, Reuters, BuzzFeed, Bloomberg, WSJ, ESPN, etc.

Except Ukrainian News Agency, among all Ukrainian media companies only Radio Liberty is available in the Apple News app.

Ukrainian News produces over 300 news a day in Russian, Ukrainian and English languages. The news is available under paid subscription and partially via the open website ukranews.com.

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