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A recovering pneumonia patient gives a thumbs-up to medical workers at Wuhan University's Zhongnan Hospital, on Jan 30, 2020. Photo China Daily/Gao Xiang
China Daily: Report offers insight into China’s COVID-19 response
Владимир Мережко 21 April, 12:39110
China Daily has launched a COVID-19 subsite
New Chinadaily's subsite shares China's virus control experience with world
Владимир Мережко 19 March, 09:22289
US Researcher has faith in fight against coronavirus
Владимир Мережко 05 February, 10:3181
Medical workers transfer patients to the newly built Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan. Photo: Xian Gan/People's Daily/Provided to chinadaily
Wuhan hospital built for outbreak starts to treat patients
Владимир Мережко 05 February, 10:14112
Workers start building a mobile cabin hospital in Wuhan International Conference & Exhibition Center, Central China's Hubei province, Feb 3, 2020. Photo: Liu Kun/chinadaily
Wuhan converting exhibition venues into temporary hospitals
Владимир Мережко 05 February, 09:5397
Си Цзиньпин. Фото: Xinhua
Xi Jinping says mutual learning will be of benefit
Владимир Мережко 18 January, 16:4563
Sergiy Ivanov, journalist: Policing the Internet. How National Police Introduce Internet Censorship
Владимир Мережко 21 August, 09:00280
Apple News. Photo: Apple inc
Ukrainian News Now Available In Apple News App
Владимир Мережко 18 March, 13:05121
The 13th National People's Congress, China's national legislature, opens its second session at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, March 5, 2019. Photo by Xu Jingxing/chinadaily.com.cn
Highlights of 2019 Government Work Report, – China Daily
Владимир Мережко 06 March, 11:41188
The second session of the 13th Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee starts in Beijing, March 3, 2019. Photo by Zhu Xingxin/chinadaily.com.cn
Foreigners keep eye on diplomatic policy, GDP performance
Владимир Мережко 04 March, 13:13397
What topics on China interest you most?
Владимир Мережко 12 February, 16:221059
IMF Having No Legal Restrictions Regarding Further Cooperation With Ukraine
Владимир Мережко 26 November, 23:2054
Rada Approves Imposition Of 30-Day Martial Law In 8 Regions And Azov-Kerch Water Zone
Владимир Мережко 26 November, 22:15181
Rada Schedules Presidential Election For March 31, 2019
Владимир Мережко 26 November, 21:59105
IMF Office In Kyiv: No Legal Restrictions On Cooperation Amid Martial Law
Владимир Мережко 26 November, 11:10117
Decision To Impose Martial Law Not To Trigger Immediate Mobilization And Restriction Of Constitutional Rights And Freedoms - Poroshenko
Владимир Мережко 26 November, 01:1199
NSDC Suggesting Poroshenko Impose Martial Law For 60 Days
Владимир Мережко 26 November, 01:03138
6 Ukrainian Military Men From Vessels Captured By Russia Wounded - Ukrainian Navy
Владимир Мережко 26 November, 00:59105
Poroshenko Asking Rada To Approve Imposition Of Martial Law On November 26
Владимир Мережко 26 November, 00:5596
Foto: kuking.net
IMI Declares Okroshka And Kartoplianiki Recipes, Horoscopes And Currency Exchange Rates Unreliable
Владимир Мережко 25 October, 15:0659