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Poroshenko Promises To Defeat Poverty Due To Developing Farming And IT Sectors If Re-Elected President

Poroshenko Promises To Defeat Poverty Due To Developing Farming And IT Sectors If Re-Elected President

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President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko promises to overcome poverty due to developing the farming sector and the IT-sector, infrastructure and tourism if re-elected the president.

This is said in his election platforms entitled "Great country of free and happy people," Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"In 2023 we will submit our application for joining the European Union, we will receive and begin to implement the NATO Membership Action Plan… We will joint the European Union and NATO as the regional leader. Within five year Ukraine should become the leader of the farming sector in Europe, one of five new global leaders of the IT sector, the regional leader of the industrial development, the transport hub in Eastern Europe, one of ten most visited countries in Europe… This is the path that will allow Ukraine to overcome poverty and provide order, welfare and security of each Ukrainian," reads the election platform.

Among most important steps of the development of the farming sector President Poroshenko names creation of processing enterprises, development of infrastructure, protection of property rights.

"In order to become a true leader in the IT sector, from provision of services and outsourcing, we will facilitate the reformation of the sector in a creative industry increasing its contribution in the national economy," reads the elections platform.

Poroshenko's stake in the industry is on hi-tech spheres with high value added product such as aircraft building and space industry, shipbuilding and the defense industry.

According to President Poroshenko, Ukraine's becoming a transport and logistic hub of Europe will help the country to use the potential of the Ukrainian economy.

"This requires modernization of the transport infrastructure for the money of national and international infrastructure funds and private investment," reads the election platform.

The improvement of the infrastructure will give an impetus to the development of tourism. President Poroshenko promises to support initiative aiming at development of tourist capacities of Ukraine.

He states that the five sectors will manage to attract billions in the US dollars, they will create hundreds of thousands of new jobs with high salaries, they will transfer taxes to the state budget and local budgets.

President Poroshenko says the development of the five sectors in the next five years is his strategy of the transition from the deep crisis and the struggle for survival to sustainable development.

The bigger part of President Poroshenko's election platform addresses Ukraine's achievements in the previous five years and he promises to continue the policies aiming at restoration of the territorial integrity by means of diplomatic and political efforts, the sanctions, and the peacekeeping mission of the United Nations.

He also promises that development and modernization of the armed forces will remain a priority and the creation of the anti-missile and air defense will be completed.

He promises to continue decentralization, to carry out a large-scale program of repair of hospitals.

He stands for replacing the profit tax by the tax on withdrawn capital.

He promises to support the Ukrainian language and culture.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Ukraine will elect its president on March 31, 2019.