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Artem Sytnyk. Photo by Ukrainian Photo
Sytnyk violates the law, ignoring the decision of the Constitutional Court on the illegality of his appointment, – the statement to the SBI
Яков Сташинский 11 September, 17:00204
Serhiy Lovochkin. Photo by lovochkin.org
Interest Payments on National Debt Nearly Reach Healthcare Expenses, – Lovochkin
Яков Сташинский 09 September, 12:5983
Serhiy Lovochkin. Photo by lovochkin.org
Government Must Immediately Pay Off Wage Debts to Healthcare Workers and Miners – Lovochkin
Яков Сташинский 04 September, 14:58133
Volodymyr Fesenko. Photo by Facebook
Justice Ministry confirms expertise in Sheremet's case, the case referred to court, – political expert
Яков Сташинский 31 August, 17:22110
Ukrenergo. Photo by slovoidilo.ua
Ukrenergo procurements in 2018-2019 were twice cheaper than the same procurements made by Energoatom, Ukrhydroenergo and Tsentrenergo – a survey
Яков Сташинский 27 August, 11:51150
Serhiy Lovochkin. Photo by lovochkin.org
Lovochkin: Government Fails to Get Schools Ready to Reopen Considering Epidemic Settings
Яков Сташинский 19 August, 12:59144
Khmelnytskoblenergo. Photo by depo.ua
State owned Khmelnytskoblenergo (KHmOE) doubled net profit, salaries grew 44%, tax payments increased 32% for the 1 half 2020 YoY
Яков Сташинский 17 August, 14:09118
DCH. Photo by liga.net
The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine has no legal right to refuse to satify our joint application with our chinese partners for the equity concentration of Moror Sich JSC, DCH stated
Яков Сташинский 10 August, 14:33245
Motor Sich JSC. Photos from open sources
Official Statement: Oleksandr Yaroslavskyi Called on Authorities to Protect the Rule of Law and Save Motor Sich
Яков Сташинский 07 August, 15:35542
Motor Sich JSC. Photos from open sources
Chinese Investors of "Motor Sich" Officially Informed Fund Market About Cooperation With Yaroslavskyi’s DCH
Яков Сташинский 05 August, 18:58369
Oleksandr Yaroslavskyi. Photo by  press service
Oleksandr Yaroslavskyi and Chinese Investors from Skyrizon Work on Motor Sich Aircraft Factory
Яков Сташинский 04 August, 16:58340
High Anticorruption Court. Photo by Ukrainian News
High Anticorruption Court and the Chamber of Secrets
Яков Сташинский 04 August, 15:37349
Artem Sytnyk. Photo by radiosvoboda.org
Debate challenge – Bakhmatyuk invites Sytnyk to face off
Яков Сташинский 17 July, 10:43180
Oleg Bakhmatyuk. Photo by ulf.com.ua
Avangard to Close Down 6 of 27 Farms under Pressure from NABU and SAPO, – says Bakhmatyuk
Яков Сташинский 13 July, 18:20256
Vladimir Putin and Petro Poroshenko. Photo by glavred.info
"Good, Vladimir Vladimirovich. I shake your hand" – Poroshenko to Putin two months after Debaltseve
Яков Сташинский 09 July, 13:15266
VAB Bank. Photos from open sources
NABU, SAPO unable to explain to lawmakers what grounds used to open case against VAB Bank
Яков Сташинский 08 July, 15:05189
Anti-corruption officials afraid of people: UkrLandFarming's representatives not allowed to attend parliament anti-corruption committee meeting
Яков Сташинский 07 July, 15:49174
Bakhmatyuk's UkrLandFarming blocking SAPO HQ, demanding that prosecutors comply with court ruling, cease to terrorize company
Яков Сташинский 06 July, 09:09193
Oleksandr Pysaruk. Photo by bank.gov.ua
Ex-NBU deputy governor demands full closure of Pysaruk-Bakhmatyuk case
Яков Сташинский 03 July, 13:17214
Ukrzaliznytsia. Photo by facebook.com//Ukrzaliznytsia
Ukrzaliznytsia to pressure suppliers by concluding long-term agreements, expert says
Яков Сташинский 01 July, 16:08146