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NABU arranged for a redistribution of the Odesa construction market, – political scientist named who’s behind

NABU arranged for a redistribution of the Odesa construction market, – political scientist named who’s behind the "land case" against Trukhanov

NABU, Gizo Uglava, Hennadiy Trukhanov, Oleksiy Golobutskyi, Adnan Kivan, Kadorr Group
Oleksiy Golobutskyi. Photos from open sources
Oleksiy Golobutskyi. Photos from open sources

Political expert Oleksiy Golobutskyi said that The National Anti-Corruption Bureau is cleansing Odesa of Adnan Kivan’s political opponents and business rivals. Kivan is a businessman of Syrian origin who is close to the deputy director of the bureau, Gizo Uglava.

This was reported by the Apostrophe.

"When I said the NABU’s so-called Odesa case was merely an instrument of a competitive war and a redistribution of the construction market, I was not mistaken," he said.

According to Golobutskyi, it is evident that the Odesa case with 16 defendants - including Trukhanov, representatives of the mayor's office, businessman Volodymyr Halanternyk, and the construction company Budova - are ordered. All of the defendants are either political opponents or competitors of Adnan Kivan and his construction company Kadorr.

"The mayor has repeatedly stated that Adnan Kivan is building "horrible houses" and intends to overtake sanatoriums. According to the ex-prosecutor of the Odesa region Oleg Zhuchenko, the latter (Kivan), in turn, has long tried to сorner Hennadiy Trukhanov, offering the prosecutor $1 million for issuing a note of suspicion to Trukhanov. After a fiasco, Kivan made a bet on the NABU, which is managed by a comrade of Mikheil Saakashvili Gizo Uglava," Golobutskyi explains.

As per the political scientist, the trial against the owner of Budova serves as a confirmation that the so-called Odesa case is a planned competitive war. "Last week, the High Anti-Corruption Court of Ukraine decided on bail for the owner of the Odesa construction company Budova Dmytro Dymarskyi, constituting UAH 60 million. In court, he [Dymarskyi] said he would have to close his 30-year-old business and lay off 2,000 workers to cover the bail. Couldn't this be the goal of Adnan Kivan, whose company Kadorr is a direct competitor of Budova, including in the allocation of land for construction in Odesa?", Golobutskyi indicates.

The political scientist notes that with multi-million bails, the media started spreading the information that Budova couldn’t afford it and would cease to fulfill its obligations to investors.

"Even before the NABU demanded millions in bail for the defendants, with a total of 16 defendants, the media started spreading the information that Budova would not complete the building of its houses, as all the money would go to pay for bail... There is no doubt that all this is a pre-drawn plan of a competitive war and a redistribution of the market, in which, unfortunately, NABU partakes on the side of one of the competitors. It is not surprising that all the persons involved in the so-called Odesa case are political opponents of Adnan Kivan or his direct business competitors. In my opinion, this case of NABU will traditionally result in nothing, but it will harm the country's reputation once again. No "investment nannies" will be able to convince the investors to invest in a country where business rivals freely command the security forces as a private resource," Golobutskyi said.

Earlier, the defense of Volodymyr Halanternyk said that the NABU and SAP decided to put the businessman on the wanted list despite knowing the exact address of Halanternyuk’s residence in Britain and consular registration in Israel. Also, according to lawyers, Halanternyk has not yet been handed a suspicion.