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High Inflation of Recent Months Led to Drop in Ukrainians’ Real Income, – Lovochkin
Яков Сташинский 13 April, 14:1055
Ukrlandfarming. Photo by ulf.com.ua
151 MPs Petition PG Venediktova to Defend Ukrlandfarming from NABU
Яков Сташинский 09 April, 09:49109
Igor Terekhov and Okan Bas signed a memorandum of cooperation with Karsan. Photos from the event
Kharkiv Palace Holds a Meeting of the Authorities and DCH Group of Yaroslavskyi on the Municipal Infrastructure Development
Яков Сташинский 08 April, 17:40155
High Anti-Corruption Court (HACC). Photo by hcac.court.gov.ua
NABU unlawfully delays probe into Pysaruk, Bakhmatyuk case – HACC ruling
Яков Сташинский 06 April, 10:50105
Ukraine In Need of Comprehensive Job Program, – Lovochkin
Яков Сташинский 24 March, 13:4484
Population Utility Debts Reach Record High of 81 Billion Hryvnia, – Lovochkin
Яков Сташинский 18 March, 15:1775
Serhiy Lovochkin. Photo by lovochkin.org
One Year into Epidemic, Healthcare Workers’ Salary at Mere 77 Percent from Economy Average, – Lovochkin
Яков Сташинский 11 March, 13:3456
Autonomous oxygen generation station. Photo by network.org.ua
Ukrainian hospitals will be equipped with autonomous oxygen generation stations
Яков Сташинский 01 March, 15:2786
Pharmaceutical company Darnitsa. Photo by darnitsa.ua
More than 14 million UAH to charity and assistance in the fight against Covid-19 from Darnitsa in 2020
Яков Сташинский 25 February, 12:0995
Serhiy Lovochkin. Photo by lovochkin.org
Deteriorating Market Conditions and Lack of Export Promotion Threaten with Hryvnia Devaluation, – Lovochkin
Яков Сташинский 19 January, 12:2179
Khmelnytskoblenergo finished 1st in the rating of the Slovak Institute for Economic and Social Reforms (INEKO) based on the “Activity” ratio
Яков Сташинский 03 December, 14:57118
Serhiy Lovochkin. Photo by lovochkin.org
Government Must Support Ukrainian Exporters, – Lovochkin
Яков Сташинский 18 November, 13:3279
Supreme Court of Ukraine. Photo by court.gov.ua
Supreme Court definitively confirmed Darnitsa’s proprietary interest in stocks of the Borshchahivskiy Chemical-Pharmaceutical plant
Яков Сташинский 18 November, 09:0180
Ukrainian government approved separate excise stamps for EHTPs
Яков Сташинский 04 November, 15:13660
Serhiy Lovochkin. Photo by lovochkin.org
One Third of Healthcare Expenses in General Fund of State Budget Underfunded by Government, – Lovochkin
Яков Сташинский 02 November, 13:5953
Serhiy Lovochkin. Photo by  lovochkin.org
Two in Three Ukrainians Consider Themselves Poor, and Government Is to Be Blamed, – Lovochkin
Яков Сташинский 21 October, 13:3255
Oleg Bakhmatyuk. Photo by ulf.com.ua
Sytnyk Has Different Laws for Me Versus Kluyev and Klimenko, – Bakhmatyuk
Яков Сташинский 15 October, 16:58102
Oleg Bakhmatyuk. Photo by ulf.com.ua
Bakhmatyuk Sums Up Losses from ‘A Year of War’ Waged Against Him by NABU: 9 Thousand Jobs and 0,3% of GDP Lost
Яков Сташинский 18 September, 12:13110
St. Sophia of Kyiv. Photo by rbc.ua
Darnitsa and InterChem have funded a project to dry the foundation and walls of St. Sophia of Kyiv
Яков Сташинский 16 September, 19:09326
Serhiy Lovochkin. Photo by lovochkin.org
Government Offered No Support to Businesses in Six Months of Quarantine, – Lovochkin
Яков Сташинский 14 September, 14:3384