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“This is a farce” – Hranovskyi denied Teder’s allegations in the case of a business conflict over Sky Mall

“This is a farce” – Hranovskyi denied Teder’s allegations in the case of a business conflict over Sky Mall

Member of Parliament of Ukraine of the 8th Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada and businessman Olexandr Hranovskyi called the accusation of the Estonian businessman Hillar Teder, the founder of Arricano Real Estate Plc (Cyprus), and his lawyer Yegor Bodrov in the raider seizure of Sky Mall, a farce. Hranovskyi also criticized the speculation on the death of Sobolev’s child, used by Teder.

Hranovskyi wrote on Facebook that the lawyer Bodrov was speculating, publicly linking him to the murder of businessman Viacheslav Sobolev’s son. “Bodrov simultaneously represents the interests of both sides: the Sobolev family and Teder. It’s hard to believe that Yegor doesn’t know anything about the fact that Sobolev’s wife, Inna, has repeatedly stated in the media that there are no claims against me in the Sobolev family, and Viacheslav once again stated this directly on his page”.

Hranovskyi also recalled that in 2015, Hillar Teder was convicted in Estonia in a case of giving a bribe to the mayor of Tallinn, which casts doubt on Teder’s reputation and statements about his good intentions in the conflict over Sky Mall.

Earlier, Teder’s lawyer, Bodrov, promised to publish a so-called “road map for a seizure of Sky Mall”, which Hranovskyi called a fake document. “You showed everyone a piece of paper on which there are no autographs, so the ownership of this document is just as easily attributed to your client if you wish. No doubt, I know nothing about this newspaper and have never heard of it”, Hranovskyi addressed these words to Teder’s lawyer.

In response, the businessman gives copies of documents dated 2012 on the provision of legal assistance, signed by the representative of Hillar Teder’s company Arricano and the representative of the law firm “Legal Partner” (“Yurydychnyi partner”) Mr. Valentyn Zagoriy, which was supposed to help Arricano regain control of the Cyprus company Assofit Holding Limited, which owns a 99.9% stake in Sky Mall. An Estonian businessman’s company had to pay $15 million for these services. Hranovskyi calls the signed document “legal lawlessness,” and the fee of $15 million he calls a bribe to representatives of the Ukrainian authorities from Teder’s company for resolving a business conflict.

Let’s remind, that before his election to the Verkhovna Rada, Olexandr Hranovskyi was a director of Assofit Holdings Limited at the time of the business conflict over ownership.

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