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NABU carried out searches in case of the former head of Oshchadbank Andrii Pyshnyi and the former prosecutor K

NABU carried out searches in case of the former head of Oshchadbank Andrii Pyshnyi and the former prosecutor Konstiantyn Kulyk, – media

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NABU carried out searches. Photo by izvestia.kiev.ua.
NABU carried out searches. Photo by izvestia.kiev.ua.

NABU is investigating the case about funds withdrawal  by officials of Oschadbank as well as power abuse of the Prosecutor’s General employees. In particular, former prosecutor Konstiantyn Kulyk. The portal izvestia.kiev.ua reports that the source in NABU informed about it.

"This story is four years old. In March 2017, tax inspection conducted a check of the bank and imposed a significant amount of taxes and penalties. The former head of Oshchadbank Andrii Pyshnyi asked Konstiantyn Kulyk to help in "resolving the issue" with tax inspection and forge the inspection results. After this, the prosecutor Kulyk started methodologically to pressure the employees of the office of the Great Taxpayers and appellate units of the central office to make an illegal decision. After an unsuccessful attempt to arrange it, Kulyk detached and classified all the materials about the inspection of the bank," explains the source.

He reminded that Konstiantyn Kulyk and Andriy Pyshnyi are connected with a long history. Namely when Lutsenko and Kulyk issued a special confiscation by the decision of the Kramatorsk court, Pyshnyi withdrew these papers and money at the expense of the Treasury. According to the results of the special confiscation of NABU, a criminal case was initiated on possible embezzlement of "Yanukovych's money" by officials of Oschadbank by prior agreement with the Prosecutor General's Office.

As of 28 March 2017, Solomyanskyi District Court ruled on initiation of the said proceedings on the fact of possible waste of funds of offshore companies Wonderbliss Ltd, Quickpace Limited, Opalcore Ltd, Akemi Management Ltd, Foxtron Networks Limited and Loricom Holding Group Ltd in execution of the Kramatorsk City Court of Donetsk region.

Let’s recall that in April 2017, Oschadbank started  a special confiscation of $1,5 billion of the former President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych and his entourage. Kramatorsk City Court of Donetsk region ruled on this decision. The deadline for filing an appeal had already expired at that time.

On the same day, Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko said that Kramatorsk City Court of Donetsk Region had decided to confiscate the funds of Yanukovych and his entourage, based on the testimony of a member of this criminal group, who as a result received a suspended sentence.

In January 2021, the US Ministry of Finance imposed sanctions on the former prosecutor Konstiantyn Kulyk for attempting to interfere in the US elections. It was Kulyk  who was a participant in Giuliani's election film, where he spoke "about the crimes of the Biden family in Ukraine" and a participant in four press conferences by Andriy Derkach, at which they also tried to accuse the Ukrainian leadership of foreign administration.

At the end of 2019, Konstantyn Kulik did not pass the certification and was fired from the prosecutor's office.