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NSDC will not include Ukrainians accused by US Ministry of Finance of elections interference in sanction lists

NSDC will not include Ukrainians accused by US Ministry of Finance of elections interference in sanction lists, – political scientist

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Dmytro Marunych. Photos from open sources
Dmytro Marunych. Photos from open sources

The political scientist Dmytro Marunych states that former prosecutor Konstiantyn Kulyk has not been included in the sanction list of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine (NSDC) just before the visit to the US of the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi.

Marchyk has informed about this on his Facebook page.

He informed that NSDC has planned to impose sanctions on all Ukrainians who are under sanctions of the US Ministry of Finance. The process started in June when 100 Ukrainians were imposed sanctions. Few weeks later, the NSDC’s secretary Aleksei Danylov informed that out of 130 sanctioned persons, four are considered dead. Therefore, there are 126 now.

"The previous decision included 100 people. 26 are still left. Today, we have made the corresponding decisions about nine and we are working on others," explained Danylov.

He did not point out names. However, he mentioned that there is no "Kolomoiskyi, Dubynskyi, Derkach" on the list.

Marunych reminded that after the confirmation of Zelenskyi’svisit to Washington, American judicial publication Forensic News in the published article "Inside Rudy Giuliani's operation to harm Joe and Hunter Biden" reported that Ukrainian former prosecutor Konstiantyn Kulyk was a key figure in a documentary movie "Windbreak" by the former lawyer of the former President Donald Trump, Rudy Gialiani. The documentary “Windbreak” is about the alleged crimes of the current US President Joe Biden and his son Hunter in Ukraine.

"Experts and diplomats unanimously interpreted this publication as a signal that Ukrainian authorities are expected to take concrete actions regarding Kulyk and other persons involved in election interference. Supposedly, this signal was understood and the sanction list was supposed to be prepared by 31 August. Tentively, on 20 August, NSDC imposed personal economic restrictions against the MP Andrii Derkach. However, according to the latest news of Konstiantyn Kulyk who was present at all press conferencestogether with Derkach. Moreover, what is even less surprising, Ihor Kolomoiskyi will not be in this list. Thus, regardless of the transparent hints from the receiving part, our authorities have completely ignored the most painful point in Ukrainian-American relations - interference in US elections. Therefore, we should not expect that we will be very welcomed and supported in all issues there. The interests of one oligarch appeared to be above the interests of the whole country," said Marunych.

Let’s recall that on 6 July, NSDC imposed sanctions against 100 Ukrainians who are under sanctions of the US Ministry of Finance.

As it was informed, in the beginning of March, the US imposed sanctions on Ihor Kolomoiskyi and his closest relatives for involvement in corruption crimes. Zelenskyiwelcomed the decision. However, Ukraine has not imposed any sanctions against Kolomoiskyi until today.

According to the internet publication ZN.UA, while preparing Zelenskyi's visit to the US, the White House asked American law enforcement agencies to provide all sorts of information about the activities of Ihor Kolomoiskyi. His persona and "achievements" will be among the main issues to discussduring Zelenskyi's visit to the US.