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Ukrainian investor Serhiy Tron will open a second data centre in the US

Ukrainian investor Serhiy Tron will open a second data centre in the US

Serhiy Tron, White Rock Management, Fairchild Semiconductor

White Rock Management plans to open a new data centre in Wyoming (US). This was announced by the investor and owner of the company Serhiy Tron in his blog on Medium.

According to the entrepreneur, Wyoming today is one of the most advanced and innovation-friendly states. The local authorities, in particular Senator Cynthia Lummis, have a clear understanding that the development of territories is associated with the launch of new technologies.

"I am convinced that technological leaps and progress in general are always the result of collaboration of visionary entrepreneurs and visionary statesmen who create favourable conditions for business activities to flourish along with science and education. The most obvious example is Silicon Valley, which appeared in the state of California, because for a long time it was the only US state where the law ‘banning competition’ did not apply. And any person, after quitting the company, had the right to open his/her own firm in this area," said Serhiy Tron'.

The owner of White Rock Management reminded that it was the legislation that enabled the emergence of Silicon Valley in the United States.

"It is already a textbook story today when a group of young inventors, after quitting Nobel laureate William Shockley's company in 1957, formed their own company, Fairchild Semiconductor. The company was able to develop and manufacture revolutionary ideas of silicon semiconductors and actually become the cornerstone of the foundation of Silicon Valley in its current form," said Serhiy Tron.

He said that Wyoming officials were well aware of this correlation, and Senator Lummis repeatedly emphasized that those states that ‘caught the wave’ of change were rewarded with huge economic bonuses and became an example for the rest of the country.

"As the senator reports, the state of Delaware also introduced a number of innovations, creating a comfortable environment for corporations that no one else could offer. As a result, more than 60% of the largest Fortune 500 companies are registered in this state. They provide billions in tax revenue to fund Delaware's schools, roads and hospitals," said the owner of White Rock Management.

Serhiy Tron believes that Wyoming is rightly considered a pioneer in introducing legislative regulation in the field of cryptocurrency circulation and the legal status of digital assets.

"Since 2018, Wyoming has passed a number of laws making it easier for digital assets and blockchain businesses to operate. The state grants ownership rights to digital asset owners, gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to operate, and guarantees protection of their operations. Here, a new type of bank was created specifically for digital assets, which integrated them securely into the financial system," emphasized the owner of White Rock Management.

The investor also noted that in Wyoming, blockchain technology is used not only for digital assets, but also for managing and monitoring business processes.

"In Wyoming, blockchain is used, for example, by farmers to manage cattle supply chains. In the near future, blockchain will reduce the time to make money transfers, receive salaries and improve all services in the financial and banking system," believes Serhiy Tron'. 

The businessman also stressed the importance of passing the Digital Assets Act, which is pending in the Senate and will finally bring the crypto-industry within the legal financial framework, giving investors the appropriate legal guarantees.

"Once the law is passed, digital assets will be treated as securities, unscrupulous activity in the DeFi sector will be greatly hampered, and most cryptocurrencies will fall under the jurisdiction of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) as digital commodity assets. In fact, this bill completes the formation of the financial sector, removing all the uncertainties and possibilities for ambiguous interpretation," summarized Serhiy Tron.


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