Роман Ваніян

RF preparing a fake about AFU’s attack on Zaporizhzhia NPP - military analysts
Роман Ваніян 19 August, 12:0587
AFU repulse several attacks near Bakhmut, fighting continues in 2 directions – General Staff
Роман Ваніян 19 August, 11:52100
Shutdown of all Zaporizhzhia NPP power units may lead to development of Fukushima-like scenario
Роман Ваніян 19 August, 11:38163
RF losing information war against Ukraine - British intelligence head Fleming
Роман Ваніян 19 August, 10:49190
Kerch Bridge may "collapse from fatigue" – Podoliak
Роман Ваніян 19 August, 10:24701
Russia wants to turn Kharkiv into Aleppo-2016 or Grozny-1996 – Podoliak
Роман Ваніян 18 August, 12:09157
Ukraine receives CAD 450 million from Canada
Роман Ваніян 18 August, 12:02105
United States will provide UN WFP with USD 68 million to purchase Ukraine’s wheat
Роман Ваніян 18 August, 11:5552
Almost 43,000 people leave Ukraine on August 17
Роман Ваніян 18 August, 11:4858
RF explains strikes on Crimea with sabotage to divert attention from its war crimes – ISW
Роман Ваніян 18 August, 11:42162
IAEA Director General Grossi ready to lead delegation to Zaporizhzhia NPP – Kuleba
Роман Ваніян 18 August, 11:03120
Kharkiv’s morning shelling kills 1 person, injures 18 more
Роман Ваніян 18 August, 10:5470
Holders of Naftogaz Eurobonds reject 2nd proposal to postpone payments
Роман Ваніян 18 August, 10:3860
Fitch upgrades Ukraine's foreign currency rating from RD to SS
Роман Ваніян 18 August, 10:2782
ECU starts commercial activities
Роман Ваніян 18 August, 10:0545
Almost 41,000 people leave Ukraine on August 16
Роман Ваніян 17 August, 11:48130
2 enemy ships carrying Kalibr missiles remain in Black Sea – Ukraine’s Navy
Роман Ваніян 17 August, 11:45251
Crimean bridge illegal construction, must undergo destruction – Podoliak
Роман Ваніян 17 August, 11:32660
4 more ships with food leave Ukrainian ports – Turkiye’s Defense Ministry
Роман Ваніян 17 August, 11:00329
Energoatom to commission power unit 5 at Rivne NPP in 2032
Роман Ваніян 17 August, 10:27176