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Electricity consumption limits not introduced - Ukrenergo

Electricity consumption limits not introduced - Ukrenergo

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Power plants in Ukraine produce enough electricity to meet the needs of domestic and legal consumers. This is reported by NEC Ukrenergo on Facebook.

"Electricity produced by Ukrainian power plants is sufficient to meet the needs of all domestic and legal consumers. Ukrenergo sees no reason for restrictions in the energy system if there are no new shellings. Consumption limits have not been introduced," the message reads.

It is noted that on Wednesday electricity is imported from Moldova with a total volume of 195 MWh. Exports are carried out to Slovakia and Moldova during night and day hours (the period of active operation of solar power plants) with a total volume of 4,131 MWh.

The company also clarified that due to hostilities and other reasons, 413 settlements remain without electricity.

As a result of the shelling, there is damage to regional power distribution companies’ networks in Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv, and Chernihiv Regions. In the Dnipropetrovsk Region, energy supply to consumers was restored this morning. In other regions, emergency recovery works are carried out depending on the security situation and with the permission of the military.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, 1.5 GW of the planned 1.7 GW of additional capacity was added to the power system in preparation for the heating season.

It was previously reported that Ukraine's energy facilities will have three levels of protection in the form of engineering fortifications in case of russian attacks by missiles and drones.

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