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Antonov SE creates center for production of drones

Antonov SE creates center for production of drones

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The Antonov state enterprise created a special center to expand the production of drones.

This is reported by Reuters, Ukrainian News Agency announced.

As the agency notes, this move by Antonov state enterprise is in line with Ukraine's goal of becoming a world center for the production of drones, which is facilitated by investments in this sector.

The new drone center was opened "in order to expand the production capabilities of unmanned systems and provide support to private manufacturers of unmanned systems from the point of view of expertise and services," says the presentation of the Ukroboronprom state concern.

The presentation was made to officials in Washington in June.

The Antonov state enterprise did not respond to Reuters requests for comment on the center and expansion plans in the drone sector, while a representative of Ukroboronprom also declined to comment, citing security concerns.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Antonov state enterprise is working on the creation of the world's largest An-225 Mriya aircraft, which will be lighter than its predecessor, and therefore will carry even more cargo and cover an even greater distance.

On August 31, Fedorov said that more than 1,000 drones and 30 robotic systems had been sent to the front.

In July 2022, the Ministry of Digital Transformation together with the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced fundraising through the United24 platform for the Army of Drones.

In July, Fedorov said that within the framework of the Army of Drones project, 11 drone strike companies have already been created in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, drone strike companies of the Army of Drones hit 1,280 units of the aggressor state's equipment in three months.