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Demonstration of strength to russia. Large-scale NATO exercises start in Baltic Sea

Demonstration of strength to russia. Large-scale NATO exercises start in Baltic Sea

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A large-scale NATO Northern Coasts exercises has begun in the Baltic Sea, a timely show of strength to the aggressor country of russia. This is reported by the Estonian publication Err.

A total of 14 countries, air, sea and land forces with a total number of 3,000 people are participating in the exercises, and up to 30 ships and 15 aircraft are also involved. During the exercises, the transfer of allied troops to the Baltic Sea and landing in the event of war will be practiced. The area of operations mainly covers the coastal waters of Latvia and Estonia, the publication writes.

"For the first time, the defense of the Baltic Sea space is being worked out. Also, for the first time, a large amphibious unit, the American amphibious assault ship Mesa Verde, which can accommodate 800 soldiers and equipment, will take part in the North Coasts exercises," the message said.

According to security expert Kalev Stoicescu, the exercise is a timely show of strength to russia, given its attacks on Odesa ports and all grain exports, which allies will not allow it to do in the Baltic Sea.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine reported that during the attack on Ukrainian ports on the Danube on the night of September 4, russian Shaheds fell on the territory of Romania.

Then the Ministry of Defense of Romania denied the fall of russian drones on the territory of the country. However, on September 6, Romania admitted that parts of a russian drone fell on their territory.

Meanwhile, Romania is strengthening airspace protection.