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AFU Going On Offensive - Defense Ministry

AFU Going On Offensive - Defense Ministry

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The Armed Forces of Ukraine are taking offensive actions in some areas. The epicenter of heavy fighting remains the Bakhmut direction, where the Defense Forces are successful. This was announced by the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Hanna Maliar.

Maliar explained that the defense of Ukraine continues from February 24, 2022. These operations also include counteroffensive actions.

"In particular, the epicenter of hostilities remains the Bakhmut direction. We are moving along a fairly wide front there. We are successful. We are occupying commanding heights. The enemy is on the defensive and wants to hold positions. In the south, the enemy is on the defensive. Battles of local importance are ongoing," she said.

The Deputy Minister of Defense emphasized that the Russian occupiers started spreading fakes about the "large-scale counteroffensive" of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to cover up their defeats in the Bakhmut direction.

It will be recalled that the Armed Forces of Ukraine noted that the occupiers are morally exhausted by the expectation of a Ukrainian counteroffensive.

Meanwhile, Zelenskyy assured that as of now, Ukraine is ready for a counteroffensive.