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All Property And Money Of Kniazev Arrested

All Property And Money Of Kniazev Arrested

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The High Anti-Corruption Court arrested all the property and funds of the former head of the Supreme Court, Vsevolod Kniazev, who is suspected of taking bribes on millions of dollars.

This was noted by Kniazev's lawyers and the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (SACPO) prosecutor during the session of the appeals court, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"All objects owned by Kniazev are currently arrested. He cannot sell this property, as well as accounts, cash and non-cash assets of his wife were also arrested," the lawyer noted.

He added that Kniazev's bank accounts were also arrested.

The lawyer noted that, therefore, Kniazev has no possibility to pay the bail determined by the court as an alternative to arrest.

The defense attorney emphasized that the amount of bail in the amount of UAH 107 million is unaffordable for Kniazev in principle.

"He does not have the funds to pay a bail of UAH 107 million," the lawyer emphasized again.

The SACPO prosecutor confirmed to the panel of the appeals court that all of Kniazev's proper property is under arrest.

"All property and accounts of Kniazev have been arrested," the prosecutor said.

Answering the court's question as to how Kniazev can post bail, the prosecutor said that he "has reserves".

"I have already told you about the stock. I understand that it is a stock and it is a large sum of money. In addition, the Kniazev family has enough real estate to sell and deposit as bail," the prosecutor explained.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Appellate Chamber of the High Anti-Corruption Court refused to overturn the arrest of the former head of the Supreme Court Vsevolod Kniazev, but reduced the bail from UAH 107 million to UAH 75 million.

Kniazev was taken into custody in the courtroom with bail set at UAH 107 million.

Kniazev is suspected of having received nearly USD 3 million in bribes from people from the entourage of the businessman and former Member of Parliament, Kostiantyn Zhevaho, who is on an international wanted list, for a decision in his favor.