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In Russian Krasnodar They Declared "Blast" Due To Drone Attack

In Russian Krasnodar They Declared "Blast" Due To Drone Attack

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Explosions rang out in the Russian city of Krasnodar due to a drone attack. The local authorities asked residents to "keep calm”. This was reported by the Russian Interfax and Mash Telegram channel on Friday, May 26.

The operational headquarters of the Krasnodar Krai of the aggressor state of Russia declared about "blast" in the city and called on residents to stay calm. The explosions rang out after four o'clock in the morning. More and more videos of drones flying and being hit are appearing in Russian Telegram channels.

Locals showed the consequences of the explosion and the fire in the city center. The authorities claimed that the air defense system had been activated, but the video shows the flight of the drone and the explosion without any signs of air defense.

Citing the mayor of Krasnodar, Russian media report that an office building and a residential building were damaged in the city, and the "cause" of the incident is currently being determined.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on May 10, two unmanned aerial vehicles attacked a Russian military facility in the Voronezh Oblast of the Russian Federation.

Also, on May 10, in the Kursk Oblast of the Russian Federation, on the same day, an unmanned aircraft fell on a residential building in the settlement of Tolmachevo, located not far from the Ukrainian border.

We also reported that on May 4, an unknown drone attacked an oil refinery in the Rostov Oblast.