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8,739 more COVID-19 patients recovered in Pakistan in the last 24 hours

8,739 more COVID-19 patients recovered in Pakistan in the last 24 hours

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COVID-19 in Pakistan. Photo by
COVID-19 in Pakistan. Photo by

While over the past day in Ukraine 224 patients with coronavirus infection were hospitalized, as many as 8,739 more COVID-19 patients were recovered across Pakistan in the last 24 hours, taking the ratio of the total number of recovered patients to 67.3 percent, The Dispatch News Desk (DND) informed.

Uptil now, a total of 170,656 people – earlier diagnosed with the Coronavirus – have now been recovered in the Country.

Mostly recoveries have occurred in Punjab and Sindh wherein 63,977 and 63,829 people respectively have won the battle against the virus to date. Meanwhile, with the detection of 1,979 further Coronavirus Cases across the Country on July 13, the total number of Cases has reached 253,604.

As of July 14, there are 77,628 active COVID-19 Cases in the Country. Currently, 4,000 patients are admitted in 733 hospitals with COVID facilities across the Country.

Similarly, 50 more COVID-19 patients passed away in the last 24 hours afterward the number of fatalities has soared to 5,320.

Till now, Sindh has registered 106,622 Coronavirus Cases and 1,826 deaths; Punjab has 87,492 Cases and 2,026 deaths, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has 30,747 Cases and 1,106 deaths. Likewise, Islamabad has detected 14,202 COVID-19 Cases so far and 155 of them have resulted in deaths.

In Balochistan, 11,192 people have tested positive and 126 have died; in Gilgit-Baltistan, 1,694 have contracted the virus and 36 have died while in Azad Kashmir, 1,655 Cases have so far surfaced and 45 deaths have been reported.