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Kuleba Believes That Release Of Transcript Of Conversation Between Trump And Zelenskyy Will Not Worsen Relatio

Kuleba Believes That Release Of Transcript Of Conversation Between Trump And Zelenskyy Will Not Worsen Relations Of Ukraine With Germany And France

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Vice Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, Dmytro Kuleba, believes that the release of a transcript of a conversation between U.S. President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will not worsen Ukraine’s relations with Germany and France.

Kuleba said this to journalists, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Kuleba believes that German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron are experienced politicians who will not transfer possible personal insults to big politics.

“Neither Merkel nor Macron are new to diplomacy, and they perfectly understand the context of what was happening, and the importance of Ukraine’s attempts to resolve the conflict that began due to Russian aggression for the general state of affairs in Europe. This is not the level of any personal resentment, this is the level of big politics," he said.

Kuleba noted that it should be borne in mind that the conversation between Zelenskyy and Trump took place against the backdrop of the renewal of Russian rights in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), where France and Germany played a key role, as well as advances in the implementation of the Russian Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline project.

He stressed that Ukraine appreciates the support of the European Union as a whole, as well as Germany and France, but there are a number of issues on which the positions of Ukraine and partner countries differ, in particular on the possibility of Russia returning to the G7 countries and the Nord Stream-2.

Kuleba considers Zelenskyy’s speech at the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) in New York (USA) strong and, on the whole, Zelenskyy’s successful visit to the USA.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on September 25, Trump released a transcript of a telephone conversation with Zelenskyy of July 25, where he asked him to investigate the closure of the case against former United States vice president Joe Biden’s son Hunter.

Besides, in a conversation, Trump and Zelenskyy agreed that Merkel’s support for Ukraine was insufficient.

Zelenskyy added that he also considers Macron’s efforts to help Ukraine to be insufficient.