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4 power units of TPPs taken out for repair - Ukrenergo

4 power units of TPPs taken out for repair - Ukrenergo

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At the thermal power plants, 3 power units were taken out for emergency repair, and 1 power unit was put in scheduled repair.

This was announced by the press service of the Ukrenergo national energy company, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Three units at the thermal power plants were shut down for emergency repairs, one for scheduled repairs. Despite this, the electricity produced by Ukrainian power plants is sufficient to meet the needs of all domestic and legal consumers," the message reads.

It is noted that Ukrenergo sees no reason for restrictions in the power system if there are no new shellings.

Consumption limits were not introduced.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, 1.5 GW of the planned 1.7 GW of additional capacity was added to the power system in preparation for the heating season.